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Figure 6.7 Modeling polygonal shapes with an immersed boundary can introduce poorly de ned
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In a large, complex drawing with a lot of text, you may have difficulty finding specific text that you need to edit. The FIND command lets you find and replace text anywhere in your drawing not only single-line text and multiline text but also text in block attributes, dimensions, and hyperlinks. To use the FIND command, choose Edit Find to open the Find and Replace dialog box, as shown in Figure 13-30.
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This section considers the relationship between teleradiology and PACS. Two topics, the pure teleradiology model and the PACS and teleradiology combined model, are presented. A more detailed treatise on the various models and functionalities is found in 15.
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Flgure 2.1. Cockcroft-Walton preaccelerator at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. This device provides negative hydrogen ions at 750,000 eV kinetic energy for subsequent
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The edge of the course plotter is placed on the point of interest and aligned so that the opposite edge or the plotter s grid is parallel with the longitude grid. The latitude is measured where the plotter s rst edge cuts the latitude graticule.
A management commitment to quality that is communicated throughout the organization Identifying quality requirements using risk management and other methods as appropriate Developing a quality policy, plan, objectives Establishing an organizational structure with identi ed responsibilities and authorities that allows quality objectives to be met Providing the resources needed to meet quality objectives Developing the required systems and processes Establishing methods for the ongoing objective evaluation of the performance of systems and processes including quality auditing Initiating corrective and preventive actions as needed to assure that quality objectives are consistently and reliably met
Figure 25-12: A searched page open to work within and save changes to, if needed
of a few tens of centimeters up to meters only [79 83]. One example is given in Fig. 2.20. The applied step index ber with a core diameter of 50 mm showed the threshold pulse energy of 60 mJ for a laser wavelength of 1064 nm. The incident beam was focused with a 30-mm lens into the ber. Comparing this result with the above-obtained bulk reveals that the threshold is almost a factor 5 smaller than that in the observed bulk situation. Therefore, bers seem to be very useful for lowthreshold optical phase conjugation. But the main problem using bers is the endface damage occurring at low pulse energies. In the case of Fig. 2.20 the damage occurred at about 1 mJ input pulse energy. So far the useful dynamic range using bers as SBS phase conjugators is usually quite small. The dynamic range can be estimated from the following formula: Pdamage Idamage Aeff gB Leff Leff 25 Pthreshold 21Aeff m (46)
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