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lthough the application of wireless networking to the creation of highly configurable entertainment networks is in its infancy, many of the pieces you need to create such a network are starting to be introduced. Some of these devices are conventional adaptations of components you already have in a sound system, such as the 900 MHz Sony Wireless Speaker system. The wireless station of this system broadcasts an audio source from a receiver or TV to a couple of wireless speakers (or headphones). Other devices, such as the SMC EZ-Streaming Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver (SMCWMR-AG), are relatively new types of low-cost file servers specially configured for streaming media files over a wireless connection. The typical streaming multimedia device is limited in the file formats it can work with, and that is one of the reasons for selecting one device over another. In this chapter, we look at the wireless devices that you can use to stitch your home entertainment network together, and what capabilities those devices offer. Wireless technology makes great sense in home entertainment networks because of the relatively low cost involved in adding wireless capability to devices, and because of the convenience they give you. When you factor in the speed of some of the more recent 802.11 protocols, even streaming large video files is workable. With wireless technology you have a much greater degree of freedom in placing the components where you want them. Most people do not live in homes or work in buildings that have special audio/video (AV) wall jacks, nor do most homes have CAT5 Ethernet pulled through the walls. Although you can retrofit buildings to accommodate new networks, it is both costly and troublesome. The flexibility that wireless links provide also allows you to manage your entertainment WLAN from different locations and with different devices and software, shifting to better technology as time goes by. Digital media transmission also allows you to remove physical barriers to entertainment access, as well. Through the use of network shares and servers, you can access digital libraries of audio and digital video files from anywhere you have wireless coverage, resulting in entertainment and information on demand. A wireless MP3 jukebox (when they finally become available as a standard feature) would allow you to choose the music you want to listen to at any time by downloading just those tracks from your audio library before you head out the door to the gym or to work. (At the moment, we are limited to add-on wireless playback devices such as Belkin s TuneCast Mobile FM transmitter, which turns your iPod into an FM radio station.) With a Personal Video Recorder, or
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Time after operation (years)
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Note To create equations, you use the same conventions as for spreadsheets. For example, you use an asterisk (*) for multiplication, a slash (/) for division, a caret (^) for powers, and sqrt for a square root.
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The accuracy in estimating the angle of signals entering an antenna or the position in time of a pulse depends on the standard deviation of the characteristic [5] or the root mean square (rms) width. The parameters D and G are used in calculation.
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April J Jones number of calls - 45 avg length of call - 14 minutes number of long distance calls - 18 number of operator assisted calls - 2 number of incomplete calls - 1
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Now, save the file as set-session-param.xsql, and access it with the URL http://localhost/xsql/momnpup/set-session-param.xsql r-p-ename =ADAMS&. If you now go back to the include-request-params.xsql page that you created earlier, you ll see the output that is shown in Figure 6.5. These parameters will be part of your session until the session ends. Your servlet engine ultimately controls the session itself. It usually continues until the browser window is closed or until some period of inactivity. If you know that a given XSQL page will only be called within a session, then you can use session parameters instead of having to deal with the complexities of request parameters or page-private parameters. For instance, let s suppose that you want various kinds of information about a particular employee. You can create a simple form that has an input field named r-p-ename and then set its action to the setsession-param.xsql page you created previously. Alternatively, you can just use the URL that you just used.
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When a bridge receives a frame that is destined for a multicast address, the bridge forwards the frame to all the ports except the port on which it is received.31 In Figure 11-23, the source node that has a MAC address of 08:00:58:6C:00:09 sends a frame to all members of the multicast group. The bridge recognizes that this is a multicast frame and forwards it out to all ports except the port that it received the frame on (in this case, port 1).
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You can make changes in volume level when using a home stereo or ampli er either by using the volume control on the stereo, or using the Media Center PC s own volume adjustments. A good method is to set your home stereo or ampli er at a fairly loud volume (just short of too loud and without any hint of hum) and then use your PC s volume control at all times. Once you use this method you will only need to touch the home system to turn it on or off.
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To recap, the access layer provides connectivity to local users via switches and routers and to remote (off-site) users via leased lines or via VPN over Internet connection (DSL, ISDN, cable modem, and so forth).
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Figure 22-5: The Objects tab
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service access point (SAP) is a label assigned to endpoints in a network.
Filleting in 3D
Magnifier focused on the air gap
To prepare for possible downtime of longer than 24 hours, some exams may need to be deleted from the local WS that have already been read and archived to make room for incoming new exams. This process can only be performed manually and thus can be very time-consuming depending on the total number of WSs that receive new exams. Once the archive server is up and running again, the uptime procedures for the reading WSs must be implemented. All automatic archiving rules must be activated. Any new exams that have not been archived must be manually archived. Finally, query and retrieve tests must be performed on the WS to ensure that the PACS system is fully operational again. These nal uptime procedures for the WSs
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