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Types of measurement notation
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Recovery is complicated. After a disaster, it may be impossible to ever make the site the same as before. If the disks and data are destroyed, new disks will have to be set up and data restored from secondary site over the network or by using backup tapes. If the primary site fails, all clients and users feel the effect. It may be necessary to relocate all users to the secondary site.
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Example: Color Scheme Customizer
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Part I Choosing Components for Your PC
state of the system at the time of the operation that is to be scheduled. The routing decision includes the scheduling of direction changes of trains and drivers during the route. The track decision includes considerations with respect to the required visit of the cleaning track during the night. These aspects make both problems rather complex. The prototype of the support system is being developed in Delphi. Planners have been involved in the design process, during both the task analysis phase and the algorithmic design phase. The study has shown that a planner-oriented design of algorithms requires a different methodology than usually applied when building OR-models. The planner is explicitly considered, both as object of study and as user of the algorithms. By including the planner in such a way during the design process, we achieve a higher acceptability of the outcomes of the algorithms. Forthcoming research will give attention to the issue of evaluating the results of planner-oriented support versus problem-oriented support. Because there is a large number of planners involved and different groups of researchers have examined the situation at station Zwolle and designed OR algorithms to support the planners, there is an excellent opportunity to compare the results of the different approaches. Problems with measuring the effectiveness of algorithms in a practical setting will have to be tackled, because there are no easy ways to measure the quality of the support provided by a planning system.
where c is the concentration of the particle. Combining Equations (7.25) and (7.27) gives us; 1 dc d ln c s 2 = = 2 = D r c dr dr /2 (7.28)
The following example is based upon reference [145]. Like the previous example, this also considers user location and tracking estimation in the context of a 3G mobile communications network. The ability t o support position location within wireless networks provides network operators with valuable services, as well as users with a host of new applications. This includes:
Data-Directed Importance Sampling for Climate Model Parameter
Doing a draft plot
Prevention of obesity
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