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ment was attained by assigning a process owner who de ned and improved each process, developed meaningful metrics, and presented those metrics to management. Management became aware of process performance, understood the compliance risk and business impact and took appropriate action to focus staff efforts to meet process requirements. Results were improved document review cycles, proactive compliance with internal procedures and regulatory requirements, and the satisfaction of knowing that no additional effort was required to achieve better business results and regulatory compliance. Industry and Regulatory Expectations
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Using f as a help, the function p i can be de ned recursively in Eq. (14.117) by increasing or decreasing the piston based on the direction of the spike in f. The threshold for when f shows a phase discontinuity or just a strong phase gradient is usually set to p because at a fringe frequency at the Nyquist limit, the phase differences are exactly p. Therefore, everything below the Nyquist limit is determined to be a phase gradient, and everything above is identi ed as a phase discontinuity and needs unwrapping. When the recorded interferograms satisfy the
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(6.48) where Lemma 5.1 and Lemma 5.2 have been used. Therefore, (6.49)
substr_count() tells you how many times the search text occurs within the string strpbrk() searches a string for any of a list of characters
An abstract model of departure-event-driven traffic shaping.
does essentially the same thing as:
Installing a Media Center Extender
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