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Assign Data Matrix in .NET Part III: Using PHP in Practice

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The parameter H can be expressed as H NQ Qd (l/zch) NQ (l/zd) (where NQ (Q/Qd)2, Q is the real divergence of the pumping beam, zd (kQQd)21 is the diffraction length of the speckled beam). Analysis of the dependence Gth(NQ) for xed (but different) values of the parameter (l/zd) showed that the condition (24) (for predominance of the phase conjugated beam over angular displacement scattering waves) is ful lled when the diffraction length of the speckled beam is comparable with the thickness of the nonlinear layer: (l/zd) ! 1 [29]. This means that for the nonlinear layer with a mirror at the boundary, the mechanism for selection of the phase conjugate wave is caused both by the diffraction in the nonlinear layer and by the nonlinear ampli cation (similar to the ordinal backward SBS of a focused beam [5]). Strictly speaking, the analysis of the phase conjugate conditions is valid for plane envelope of the speckle-inhomogeneous beam. Another approach to investigation of generation of scattering beams by the joint SRS of speckle-heterogeneous laser beams with Gaussian envelope showed that the phase conjugation condition in the nonlinear layer with mirror boundary can be realized under similar condition, when (l/zd) ! 1 [15]. The SPPC condition obtained concerns only the nonlinear layer with a mirrorre ecting wall. In case of the feedback loop with a long pass, the phase conjugation can be achieved even in a layer with thickness less than the diffraction length of the pumping beam. 10.2.3 Experimental investigations of self-pumped phase conjugation of laser beams in nematic liquid-crystal layers Self-pumped phase conjugation by thermal scattering Phase conjugation of laser beams by joint SRS was investigated in NLC layers both with thermal and orientational nonlinearity. The SPPC of laser beam with pulse duration ranging from several microseconds to several milliseconds at different wavelengths (514.5 nm, 1064 nm, 10.6 mm) was realized in the NLC layer with a feedback loop [15, 23 25, 29 32]. A simple phase conjugate mirror was made using the NLC layer at the mirror surface (Fig. 10.6). The NLC layer with different thickness was used. The planar orientation of molecules in the NLC layer with thickness of 100 200 mm was achieved by creating a relief on the window surface coating. The homeotropic orientation of nematic molecules in the layer 0.5 2.0 mm in thickness was achieved by applying the ac electric eld of 1 2 kV/cm at 50 Hz across the cell. The voltage was applied both to a thin electroconducting coating on the glass window and to a metallic mirror. Several mixtures of cyanobiphenyls (with intrinsic absorption of a % 0.1 0.5 cm21 at 1064 nm) or dye-doped cyanobiphenyls (with absorption of 4.0 10.0 cm21) were used as the NLC. The laser beams were focused in the NLC layer. The focal waist length inside the NLC layer was chosen comparable with the layer thickness. The joint near-forward thermal scattering of the intersecting incident and mirror-re ected beams resulted in generation of a phase-conjugated beam (Figs. 10.7a and 10.7b). Both threshold of
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Manipulating Arrays
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Description Returns an error code indicating the last error Returns the error string associated with the supplied error code Returns the line number of the currently parsed line in the XML document (this will be the line where the error occurred) Returns the currently parsed column number in the XML document (the point where the error occurred)
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QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems
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Symantec Anti-Virus Products
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Part III Planning and Building Your Media Center PC
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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All of the personal firewall packages in the preceding list offer both inbound and outbound filtering capabilities, including in the free-for-personal-use editions, as applicable. The paid versions of each program tend to include a variety of advanced and value-added security features, such as virus scanning, privacy tools, cookie management capabilities, and more. Every personal firewall product for Windows XP functions in a slightly different manner, and includes different features and capabilities; however, some of the key features of personal firewall software packages for Windows XP include the capability to: Allow or deny specific programs or services from making outbound or receiving inbound connection attempts. A single program can be configured as allowed to make outbound connections and not to receive inbound connections, or a combination thereof. Have the firewall alert you every time a new program attempts to access the Internet. When a program attempts to access the Internet for the first time, an onscreen message appears alerting you to the action. You are prompted to allow or deny the program, and can typically select an option to have the firewall remember your choice, avoiding additional prompts for that specific program or service in the future. Alert you whenever an outside user attempts to make a connection attempt to your PC. Most firewall programs alert you with an onscreen message any time that an outside user attempts to connect to your PC. Not only does the message provide you with details such as the IP address of the remote user, but also the specific port to which the connection was attempted. Some firewalls even let you know about specific security exploits that relate to the connection attempt, helping to keep you well informed about potential threats. Onscreen alert messages can typically be turned off if you don t want to be informed of every connection attempt, with details stored in a log file for future reference instead. Enable different security settings for programs attempting to communicate on your home network or the Internet. For example, you might configure your firewall such that file and printer sharing inbound connection attempts from other computers on your home network are always allowed, while those originating from the Internet are always denied. In some firewall programs, your home network is referred to as the trusted zone. Allow incoming or outgoing connections by TCP or UDP port numbers, ranges of IP addresses, and more.
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