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PACS can also send its own exams to the outside expert center for reading (step 5). The expert center returns the report to the PACS database gateway (step 6). The image center send images to the expert center for reading as in the pure teleradiology model (step 7).
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Each of these structure factors has a relative phase angle ( hkl ) associated with it. Provided that we know the threedimensional locations of the heavy metal (i.e. both hkl H and |Fhkl |H ), the relative phase angle for the protein and both |Fhkl |P and |Fhkl |PH (which are experimentally measurable from diffraction intensities), hkl P , can be calculated from the following equation: hkl P = hkl H cos 1 [(|Fhkl |PH2 |Fhkl |P |Fhkl |H ) 2|Fhkl |P |Fhkl |H ] (6.21)
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Magnetic AC mode (MAC mode) is an oscillating atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique in which a magnetically coated cantilever is driven by an oscillating magnetic eld. In MAC mode, a cantilever that is coated with a magnetic material is driven into oscillation by an AC magnetic eld that is generated by a solenoid positioned close by the cantilever. The result is a clean cantilever response that has no artifacts or background signals when the cantilever is vibrated in air or in liquid. See Figure F.4. Like other AC techniques, the cantilever is driven at a high frequency and the surface is monitored by changes in amplitude or phase of oscillation. Because the cantilever (and only the cantilever) is driven directly by the magnetic eld, the need to shake the cantilever holder at large amplitudes is eliminated. Background resonance is absent, signal to noise is improved, and setup becomes straightforward. Better signal-to-noise means that much smaller amplitudes can be used. This decreases damage to the sample and preserves asperities on the probe, contributing to greatly improved resolution. F.2.3 Acoustic AC Mode (AAC Mode)
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600 mA for 0.05 s = 30 mA s 500 mA for 0.15 s = 75 mA s 400 mA for 0.10 s = 40 mA s 300 mA for 0.20 s = 60 mA s
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User A Service response time
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The author gratefully acknowledges the contributions from his colleagues, Dr. Jianbo Huang and Dr Radenko Drakulic, in bringing this work to publication, and Julien Mazallon, Eaton SAM who provided the geometry and mesh.
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Different databases provide different kinds of password protection. At the weaker end of the spectrum, some databases provide only a single password for the entire database. A database may be protected by a password or not, but that s about it. The single password provides access to the entire database. That means a bad guy who learns the password can get into the database. It also means that anyone who should use the database must share that password. One consequence of that is that you cannot easily tell which user makes which changes to the data. In practice that often means the program that provides a user interface to the database knows the password and then it may provide its own extra layer of password protection. For example, the application might store user names and passwords (hopefully encrypted, not in their plain text form) in a table. When the user runs the program, it uses its hard-coded password to open the database and veri es the user s name and password in the table. It then decides whether to allow the user in (and decides what privileges the user deserves) or whether it should display a nasty message, shut itself down, send threatening email to the user s boss, and so forth. There are a couple of reasons why this is a weak approach. First, the program must contain the password in some form so it can open the database. Even if you encrypt the password within the code, a determined hacker will be able to get it back out. At worst, a tenacious bit-monkey could examine the program s memory while it was executing and gure out what password the database used. A second reason why this approach can be risky is that it relies on the correctness of the user interface. Every non-trivial program contains bugs so there s a chance that users will nd some way to bypass the homemade security system and sneak in somewhere they shouldn t be.
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script kiddie Someone who uses techniques developed by others to cause computer mischief. The script kiddie doesn t generally understand the scripts they are using or the extent of the damage they can inflict.
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PC/4GL Technology
Embedded Databases
0 -5
The variance of the time average distribution can thus be computed as (7.21)
For simplicity we will now assume that xk = x0 + hk, h = (b a)/n (i.e., uniform sampling grid). We will also suppose that n = 2, in which case (9.144) becomes 1 (1) (9.145) f (1) (xk ) = p2 (xk ) + (1) (xk )f (3) ( (xk )). 6
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