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Show Panes opens any of the four additional information display panes within the Navigation or Links windows. Each pane enables you to view different files within your site. Panes can also be opened and closed by choosing them from the fly-out menu of the Navigation or Links view windows. (The fly-out menu is more convenient to use, as it requires fewer steps to access.) Each of the file s panes has its own zoom pop-up menu at its bottom-left corner, so you can adjust the size of the files in each pane independently of the other panes. This way you can choose from quantity or quality, seeing what you need when you need it. As any file is selected in any of these panes, you can view it in the In & Out Links palette to get the full story on its situation. You can also select a file and delete it by clicking the Trash can icon in the toolbar, as normal. External links cannot be trashed this way, though.
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Line numbering can enable you to more easily identify bits of code within your page. With this feature on, numbers appear in a gray margin at the left side of the Source Code window. Of course, if the line numbering changed every time you resized the width of the Source Code window, the numbers wouldn t be much help. You would never be able to make notes to yourself concerning a particular issue on a certain line number. Instead, line numbering counts lines of code. When text that would normally appear on one line is wrapped, it is not assigned a numbered line. (You can see this in Figure 3-3.)
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FIGURE 15.3. The convolution of a 25 mm radius stylus tip with a surface pro le.
If, after perusing your local bookstore, you decided to lay down your money at the counter, carry away this ten-pound volume, and take it to bed with you tonight, you d probably already know something about Adobe Acrobat. Heck, why else would you buy this book If you re at the bookstore shelf and you haven t bought it yet, then you re probably wondering how in the world anyone could write so many pages for such a simple application. After all, isn t Acrobat that little thingy you download from the Adobe Web site Assuming you know little about Acrobat, I start with a brief description of what Acrobat is and what it is not. As I explain to people who ask about the product, I usually define it as the most misunderstood application available today. Most of us are familiar with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is a product from Adobe Systems Incorporated that you can download free of charge from the Adobe Web site (www.adobe.com/acrobat). You can also acquire the Adobe Acrobat Reader from most of the installation CD-ROMs for other Adobe software. You can even acquire Acrobat Reader from other users, as long as the Adobe licensing requirements are distributed with the installer program. The Acrobat Reader, however, is not Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat Reader is a component of a much larger product that has evolved through several iterations.
Summary 10: Web Service Consumer and Interoperation with .NET Creating Web Service Consumers Overview Describing Web Services with WSDL Creating a Web Service Consumer with XFire
Measuring Bearing At the time a returning echo is received, the radar measures the angle of the scanner from the bows of the boat. Because the pulse travels at the speed of light, this is effectively the bearing of the target from the bows. The radar knows nothing about compass
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