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Figure 19-2: The Movies & TV category menu.
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Database instance A common consolidation technique is to place several instances of a particular database on the same server. However, you should not place different databases (such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, or Informix) on the same server because of their kernel and patch requirements. Application sets It is important to identify a pattern in the applications usage. Which set of applications send data to or receive data from another group of servers Because applications process data sequentially and often do not simultaneously compete for the same server resources, the applications can be consolidated to fewer servers. The net result is decreased network traffic and improved communication between applications.
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Space Equivalent to pressing the spacebar, which is the same as pressing Enter after typing arc on the command line. The command line displays the Specify start point of arc or [Center]: prompt.
Figure 11-5: The slider sits at Medium for the Internet content zone.
The TCP/IP utilities that we discussed in the previous section are great tools when troubleshooting Layer 2 and above issues. But what happens when a cable breaks There are several tools that are handy in troubleshooting Physical layer issues. Following is a list of some of these tools: Volt-ohm meter This device is used to measure voltage, current, and resistance.22 It is used to test electrical continuity through the physical medium. Volt-ohm meters are often called multimeters, which is entirely appropriate. There are two main types of multimeters, analog and digital. Digital multimeters are popular because they are accurate, durable, and may provide additional functionality not supported by an analog multimeter. The volt-ohm meter provides basic troubleshooting assistance, but can be helpful in determining whether you have an issue at the Physical layer. As you will nd in Section 16.5, you will often start your troubleshooting sessions by looking for Physical layer issues. Having the capability to test the Physical layer at a moment s notice can save valuable time in the long run. Cable tester Network cable testers are used to check the integrity of the cabling in the LAN. Cable testers are made for all types of network cabling (STP, UTP, coaxial, and optical ber), and some cable testers can even choose the type of cabling that will be tested. There are different types of testers out there, and they vary in functionality. Normally, at a minimum, they enable you to test for crosstalk, attenuation, and noise. More advanced testers can test to ensure that the shield used in STP is not damaged, can display MAC address information, and can capture information pertaining to data rates, errors, and collisions.
Structural and human trauma analyses
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