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16: Securing Windows XP on Wireless Networks
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25 Rendering in 3D
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Timing of cash flows - inflation rate - discount rate
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create the box in modelspace of the current drawing Set myBox = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddBox(dOrigin, dLength, dWidth, dHeight) change the viewpoint to better see the box ThisDrawing.SendCommand ( VPOINT 1,1,1 ) End Sub
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(continued overleaf )
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Although you may have found the UCS icon an annoyance in 2D work, you should display it when working in 3D. Otherwise, it s easy to lose track of which direction is which. Remember that you can also choose the Origin option, which displays the UCS icon, if possible, at the origin. Choose View Display UCS Icon Origin.
FIGURE 11 VTK pro le obtained by HPLC peak area (PA) of salicylic acid (plain circles) during hydrolysis of aspirin at pH 7.00. M: T(K) = 323.2 + 1.631 10 3t (dashed line). Solid line is relative theoretical curve.
number flowing out is given by AJ(x
Table 17.5
The files that you need for the following exercise on extracting attribute data in AutoCAD LT, ab18-j.dwg and ab18-j.txt, are in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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