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Note The word wireframe is used in two ways. First, it means 3D objects that are created using only lines and 3D polylines. These objects have no surfaces or solidity. Second, it means surfaces and solids that are displayed as if they are created with lines and 3D polylines, such as the models in Figure 21-13. In this book, I usually distinguish between wireframes and wireframe display, or visual style. If the subject is surfaces and solids, the term wireframe generally means wireframe display.
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starts-with Parameters DESCRIPTION The target string. The prefix string that the target string may or may not start with.
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A A - ~= A - ~ A= I.
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18 Working with Blocks and Attributes
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is an unbiased estimator of 02.It is, however, not a maximum likelihood estimator since it does not maximize the likelihood function.
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TABLE 4.8 Dual-Frequency Performance of the Antenna in Figure 4.29 [17]a Slit Length (mm) 0 4 6 8 10 12 13
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One of the interesting aspects of the star join is that, in many cases, textual data is divided from numeric data. Consider the diagram in Figure 3-54. Textual data often ends up in the dimension tables, and numeric data ends up in the fact table. Such a division occurs in almost every case. The benefit of creating star joins is to streamline data for DSS processing. By prejoining data and by creating selective redundancy, the designer greatly simplifies and streamlines data for access and analysis, which is exactly what is needed for the data mart. Note that if star joins were used outside of the DSS data mart environment, there would be many drawbacks. Outside the DSS
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Persistence and Backups
6: Choosing Hard Drives and Floppy Drives. . . . . . . . . . . . 83
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