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A new approach to integrating traditional fundraising mediums and online donations is weaving e-mail communications into the direct-mail process. Don t just start throwing your direct-mail appeals into an e-mail! You will want to develop a strategic plan to fully tap into the potential of online fundraising one that focuses not only on a specific appeal but draws back to your case statement and explains why someone would want to donate to your organization. It is important to remember that an integrated appeal will show results across the board. So while you might not see a significant increase with online donations from your pre e-mail, you might see an increase in the response rate from the group of donors who received that e-mail through your direct-mail returns. This type of integration is a perfect example of why data integration is key for the successful continuing of message throughout the various communication channels (direct mail, e-appeals, Web site). In order to successfully carry out integrated appeals, your data need to be as up to date as possible and should be routinely updated with e-mails collected from various sources. A clean direct-mail file with good addresses and out-of-date e-mails will not perform well in an integrated appeal campaign. There are a few paths to take when planning an integrated direct mail/e-appeal campaign. Take a look at your house file and determine the number of valid donor e-mails you have this can determine the best path for your organization to take. If you are unsure which path your organization should take concerning integrated appeals test, test, test! The best way to determine the optimal levels of communication with your organization s donors is to test each path to see how well they respond. The list size for a valid test varies it really depends on the size of your own organization s list. If you have limited time and resources, you can plan a test series for your organization s donor list using one appeal. Create an e-mail list from all donors receiving the appeal and divide the list into three subsets to test each path described as follows. Compare the response rates between each subset, making sure to include both online and offline revenue. Choose the path that works best for your donor list. Paths for Integrated Appeals Pre and post e-mails Pre e-mail only Post e-mail only
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decreased LUMO energies, and increased HOMO energies of the C Si and Si Si species indicate substantially decreased thermodynamic and kinetic stabilities. Indeed, these species are in general not isolable but have been postulated as reactive intermediates [120, 121]. Silaethene, CH2 SiH2 , has been isolated in an argon matrix [122]. Its p bond energy has been determined experimentally, 142 q 17 kJ/mol [123], and theoretically, 132 kJ/mol [124], to be substantially lower than the p bond energy of ethylene, 269 kJ/mol [125]. The highly hindered tetramesityldisilene has been isolated [126], but not the parent, SiH2 SiH2 , whose p bond energy has been calculated to be only 97 kJ/mol [124]. In both silaethenes and disilenes, the silicon atom is not planar, but fairly strongly pyramidal [124].
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If you d prefer Photoshop to always go directly to the layer on which you click and avoid all these messy keyboard tricks, press V to select the move tool. The first check box in the Options bar is called Auto Select Layer. Turn it on. Now whenever you click a layer with the move tool or Ctrl-click with some other tool Photoshop goes right to that layer.
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Michael Butler of The Rock and Roll Geek Show came up with a recording recipe that works well with this application. You can see it at http://americanheartbreak.com/ movabletype/archives/000160.html. What I like about Wiretap is its ability to record by default everything going on inside the Mac. Using this application requires you to use Audacity to edit after you are finished recording. For those of you who want a quick-start application, this (or Audio Hijack Pro) is the way to go.
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In this chapter, I covered the basics of customizing AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. You started to customize by: Creating command shortcuts (aliases) in the acad.pgp or acadlt.pgp file Creating your own toolbars that can contain any command sequence that you need Customizing tool palettes, including importing, exporting, and creating groups In the next chapter, you read about how to create macros with script files.
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Figure 22-32: A profile created with SOLPROF.
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In this example, the global matrix A and local element matrix Ae are both substructured into 2 2 eld blocks. Alternatively, the global matrix could remain substructured by 2 2 eld blocks but the local matrix could be substructured into 3 2 node
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30 Embedding the Python Interpreter
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