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Integration Unit (IU)
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. Personal status or phone pro le (available, busy, on holiday, in a meeting). . Terminal status and capabilities (status: switched o , out of coverage, engaged in a videoconference; capabilities: supports chat and instant messaging). . Location, which does not necessarily refer to the geographical location (in the o ce, at home, on-the-move). . Other information (name, address, telephone number, email address, logo). . Mood (happy, frustrated, angry, sad). . List of games the user can play (he/she has downloaded and/or has general interest in playing it).
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How It Works
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Appendix A: Exercise Solutions
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simulations in the context of Burgers' turbulence4 (57), (58) by employing different Godunov-type methods with and without utilizing a SGS model. In Fig. 1.11, we show results from high-order statistics as obtained by the VLES computations using the following three approaches: (i) (ii) The Godunov-type CB scheme without a SGS model (this solution is labelled 'CB'); A recently developed TVD version of the CB scheme (3) without a SGS model (this solution is labelled TVD-CB'); (iii) The CB scheme in conjunction with the modified version (59) of the dynamic SGS model (60) (this solution is labelled 'D-Model').
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Many degradation pathways are similar to reactions described for organic compounds in organic chemistry texts. The decomposition of a drug is likely to be mediated by reaction with water, oxygen, or light. The routes most pharmaceuticals degrade include hydrolysis, oxidation, photolysis, and racemization. Chemical degradation occurs when a new chemical entity is formed as a process of the degradation process. Physical degradation occurs when drug loss does not produce distinctly different chemical products [13]. Degradation reactions of a variety of mechanisms can often be avoided by decreasing storage temperature and/or buffering pH to a stability optimum. 7.4.4 CHEMICAL DEGREDATION Solvolysis
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1. Click the entry you want to open in the Access Manager window to select it (Figure 2-14).
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Now that all the preliminary mumbo-jumbo has been taken care of, it s time for you to determine what you will need out of your network. Some things will be contingent on others (for instance, if authentication is going to be used, what will you need to support it ). This is exactly why you will want to review and adjust your plan as you go along. You have determined the needs and wants of the users of the network. Now you start making determinations on what should be put into the network to support those needs. Be sure to consider potential future growth in your determinations. Some decisions you will make include: Which topology are you going to be using Will you be using Ethernet or Token ring How many ports will be needed at each level What is the target transmission speed(s) Which node types are you planning on deploying
The first form field is a multi-select list box, allowing the user to pick one or more (or no) options. The second two form fields are checkboxes with the same name (newsletter) but different values (widgetTimes and funWithWidgets). If the user checks both checkboxes then both values, widgetTimes and funWithWidgets, are sent to the server under the newsletter field name. So how can you handle multi-value fields in your PHP scripts The trick is to add square brackets ([]) after the field name in your HTML form. Then, when the PHP engine sees a submitted form field name with square brackets at the end, it creates a nested array of values within the $_GET or $_POST (and $_REQUEST) superglobal array, rather than a single value. You can then pull the individual values out of that nested array. So you might create a multi-select list control as follows:
29. J. Ollikainen, M. Fischer, and P. Vainikainen, Thin dual-resonant stacked shorted patch antenna for mobile communications, Electron. Lett. 35, 437 438, March 18, 1999. 30. L. Zaid, G. Kossiavas, J. Dauvignac, J. Cazajous, and A. Papiernik, Dual-frequency and broad-band antennas with stacked quarter wavelength elements, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 47, 654 660, April 1999. 31. R. Chair, K. M. Luk, and K. F. Lee, Miniature multiplayer shorted patch antenna, Electron. Lett. 36, 3 4, Jan. 6, 2000. 32. S. Maci and G. Bif Gentili, Dual-frequency patch antennas, IEEE Antennas Propagat. Mag. 39, 13 20, Dec. 1997. 33. J. S. Chen and K. L. Wong, A single-layer dual-frequency rectangular microstrip patch antenna using a single probe feed, Microwave Opt. Technol. Lett. 11, 83 84, Feb. 5, 1996. 34. K. L. Wong and W. S. Chen, Compact microstrip antenna with dual-frequency operation, Electron. Lett. 33, 646 647, April 10, 1997. 35. C. L. Tang, H. T. Chen, and K. L. Wong, Small circular microstrip antenna with dualfrequency operation, Electron. Lett. 33, 1112 1113, June 19, 1997. 36. S. C. Pan and K. L. Wong, Dual-frequency triangular microstrip antenna with a shorting pin, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 45, 1889 1891, Dec. 1997. 37. Z. D. Liu, P. S. Hall, and D. Wake, Dual-frequency planar inverted F antenna, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 45, 1451 1458, Oct. 1997. 38. S. Tarvas and A. Isohatala, An internal dual-band mobile phone antenna, in 2000 IEEE Antennas Propagat. Soc. Int. Symp. Dig., pp. 266 269. 39. K. L. Wong and W. S. Chen, Slot-loaded bow-tie microstrip antenna for dual-frequency operation, Electron. Lett. 34, 1713 1714, Sept. 3, 1998. 40. C. Y. Huang, J. Y. Wu, and K. L. Wong, High-gain compact circularly polarized microstrip antenna, Electron. Lett. 34, 712 713, April 16, 1998. 41. J. H. Lu, C. L. Tang, and K. L. Wong, Single-feed slotted equilateral-triangular microstrip antenna for circular polarization, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 47, 1174 1178, July 1999. 42. J. H. Lu and K. L. Wong, Single-feed circularly-polarized equilateral-triangular microstrip antenna with a tuning stub, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 48, 1869 1872, Dec. 2000. 43. W. S. Chen, C. K. Wu, and K. L. Wong, Novel compact circularly polarized square microstrip antenna, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 49, 340 342, March 2001. 44. K. P. Yang, K. L. Wong, and J. H. Lu, Compact circularly-polarized equilateral-triangular microstrip antenna with Y-shaped slot, Microwave Opt. Technol. Lett. 20, 31 34, Jan. 5, 1999. 45. W. S. Chen, C. K. Wu, and K. L. Wong, Compact circularly polarized circular microstrip antenna with cross slot and peripheral cuts, Electron. Lett. 34, 1040 1041, May 28, 1998. 46. W. S. Chen, C. K. Wu, and K. L. Wong, Single-feed square-ring microstrip antenna with truncated corners for compact circular polarization operation, Electron. Lett. 34, 1045 1047, May 28, 1998. 47. K. L. Wong and M. H. Chen, Slot-coupled small circularly polarized microstrip antenna with modi ed cross-slot and bent tuning-stub, Electron. Lett. 34, 1542 1543, Aug. 6, 1998. 48. W. S. Chen, K. L. Wong, and C. K. Wu, Inset microstripline-fed circularly polarized microstrip antennas, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 48, 1253 1254, Aug. 2000.
Next, we installed MCE 2005 on the Pentium 4 PC without a single snag or difficulty and followed that up with drivers from the motherboard update CD. Next, we visited Drivers Headquarters (www.drivershq.com) and used that site s free Driver Detective Scan to catch and bring all of our other drivers up to date. Next, we installed the nVidia DVD Decoder, to take best advantage of our Gigabyte 6600 graphics card s special capabilities. Total time required was a little over an hour and a half. We had no difficulty attaching this HTPC to a speaker rig (the Logitech Z-5500 Digital rig we hooked up supported a single SPDIF coax cable from the back of the PC to the speaker controller). The speaker unit recognized the device outputs immediately and worked fine with DVDs, music, and TV playback. We also found a deal on these speakers online for $220. We used S-Video cables to link our Hauppauge PVR 150 input to our Scientific Atlanta cable TV box output and then took a DVI output from our Gigabyte nVidia graphics card into a Syntax Olevia LCD HDTV set. Everything worked as soon as it was hooked up and Windows detected what was going on. We also used one of the two IR blaster lines on the MCE remote IR receiver to enable the PC to drive the cable box for unattended recording. With the FM antenna included with the PVR 150 in place, MCE had no trouble picking up local radio stations, either.
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