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The chilled air enters the front of each rack (cold aisle in Figure 8-4) over the entire height of the rack. The air takes away the heat from the equipment as it flows around and inside it, and is later ejected into the other side (hot aisle). The equipment must be facing toward or away from the forced air, as required for optimum cooling. The racks can be located next to each other with small inter-rack gaps that must be large enough for them to be removed or serviced. The cold and hot aisles alternate. Each cold or hot aisle is shared by two adjacent rack rows.
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37 Programming with Visual Basic for Applications
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See 29 for information on writing your own extension modules.
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4. (Optional) If you have multiple sites open and wish to search a site other than the one named in the Site pop-up menu, choose the desired site from this menu. 5. By default, all occurrences of the finding are listed. To reduce the number of finds, select a relevance ranking from the pop-up menu at the bottom left corner of the window. For example, selecting 75 percent lists hits with a 75 percent ranking. You can always change the ranking later to lengthen or shorten the list. 6. Click Search. If you have not already indexed your site, GoLive asks you to do so now. Click yes to have GoLive index and search the site. Clicking No cancels the search. When the search is complete, a list of pages appears, along with a relevance ranking and the number of hits found on the page. 7. (Optional) Click the blue arrow to the left of a page to reveal the occurrences and read their context, as shown in Figure 25-11.
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user-to-network UNI. signaling, 301 306 integrated services networks ISNs., 316 326 computational complexivity, 325 326 metrics selection, 316 318 path selection algorithms, 319 325 weighted graph model, 318 319 Quantum refreshment, backlog balancing flow control, 255 256 Quasi-longest queue, approximated longest queue drop ALQD. algorithm, 227 228 Queue evolution equation, backlog balancing flow control, 244 246 Queue lengths, tail drop management, 214 Queuing delay per switch, admission control, deterministic bound, 18 19 Queuing elements, differentiated services DSrDiffserve . architecture, 343 344 RAM-based searching engine RSE., packet fair queuing PFQ. algorithm, 168 178 design, 173 framework and design issues, 155 156 hierarchical searching, 169 172 operations, 173 175 reset operation, 176 177 search operation, 177 178 timestamp overflow, 172 173 write-in operation, 175 176 Random drop on full, buffer management, 214 215 Random early detection RED.: buffer management, 215 220 performance simulation, 218 220 RED algorithm, 215 218 differential dropping, RED routers with In-Out bit RIO., 220 222 differentiated services DSrDiffserv., assured forward per-hopping behavior, 337 Rate-based flow control, structure and properties, 238 239 Rate-controlled static priority RCSP., packet scheduling, 117 119 Rate controller, packet scheduling, rate-controlled static priority RCSP., 117 119 Rate decrease factor RDF., available bit rate ABR. flow control, 268 270 Rate-proportional allocation, weighted round-robin WRR. scheduling, differentiated services DSrDiffserv., 339
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The radar horizon is slightly farther away than the visual horizon because the beam curves slightly around the Earth s surface. Atmospheric conditions can alter the curvature, so that in high-pressure conditions radar can see farther and in low-pressure situations less far. Radar power output determines the maximum range, so that distant high points can be seen farther away with a more powerful radar. However, the most important advantage of high power is that the radar can see smaller targets more easily.
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