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Figure 24-41: A bushing in 2D and 3D. The 3D bushing has been exploded but still looks the same. It can now be used to extend lines. 3. To turn the UCSORTHO system variable off, type ucsortho 0 . (If its current value is 0, just press Enter at the Enter new value for UCSORTHO <0>: prompt.) You don t want the UCS to change when you change the view in Step 5. 4. Choose Extend from the Modify toolbar or choose Modify Extend. Follow the prompts.
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Next, two classes Television and TennisBall are created. These classes are unrelated and contain quite different properties and methods; for example, Television contains a private $_screenSize property and methods to access it, whereas TennisBall contains a private $_color property with associated methods. However, both classes implement the Sellable interface. This means that they must provide the code to implement the three methods addStock(), sellItem(), and getStockLevel() declared in Sellable. This they do. Notice, by the way, that each class has a different way of recording its stock; Television records the stock level in a $_stockLevel property, whereas TennisBall has a $_ballsLeft property. This doesn t matter at all; from the perspective of the outside world, the important thing is that the classes correctly implement the three methods in the Sellable interface. Next, the script creates a StoreManager class to store and handle products for sale in the online store. This class contains a private $_productList array to store different types of products; an addProduct() method to add product objects to the product list; and a stockUp() method that iterates through the product list, adding 100 to the stock level of each product type.
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Flexible Distributed Mesh Data Structure
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The kinetic energy is easy; the velocity of the particle is r (I'll always use dots to mean time derivatives) giving
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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There are, then, a variety of ways in which data is purged or otherwise transformed inside the data warehouse environment. The life cycle of data including its purge or final archival dissemination should be an active part of the design process for the data warehouse.
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The decision as to which users should be granted Computer Administrator rights is ultimately up to you, but always keep system security in mind. Generally, any user with access to the Computer Administrator account should have an appropriate level of Windows XP knowledge. More importantly, they should be someone who can be trusted not to abuse or misuse the account s power. On some systems, every user may be responsible enough to be granted access to a Computer Administrator account to perform tasks such as installing programs. On others, the situation might dictate that only the owner of the PC has access to a Computer Administrator account. The bottom line is that on your computer, you get to choose who has access to Computer Administrator accounts, so choose wisely.
Risk analysis and economic appraisal
Part II Starting to Build Your Site
Part VI Going Live The Final Touches
CAD Server
Diffuse re ectance R is a function of the ratio K/S and proportional to the addition of the absorbing species in the re ecting sample medium. In NIR practice, absolute re ectance R is replaced by the ratio of the intensity of radiation re ected from the sample and the intensity of that re ected from a reference material, that is, a ceramic disk. Thus, R depends on the analyte concentration. The assumption that the diffuse re ectance of an incident beam of radiation is directly proportional to the quantity of absorbing species interacting with the incident beam is based on these relationships. Like Beer s law, the Kubelka Munk equation is limited to weak absorptions, such as those observed in the NIR range. However, in practice there is no need to assume a linear relationship between NIRS data and the constituent concentration, as data transformations or pretreatments are used to linearize the re ectance data. The most used linear transforms include log 1/R and Kubelka Munk as mathemati-
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