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Figure 21.17 Data migration from existing backup storage to the Data Grid (green) during Data Grid deployment. Image migration from the local backup of the radiology core (blue) to P1 of the IPI SAN and the Data Grid is through a three-step procedure. In this scenario, after completion of the Data Grid deployment, SAN becomes the local backup archive for the clinical trials images of the IPI. P1 is the core s own backup, and P2 is used to backup for other cores.
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Viewing the hidden part of the Site Window
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public function addProduct( Sellable $product ) { $this->_productList[] = $product; } public function stockUp() { foreach ( $this->_productList as $product ) { $product->addStock( 100 ); } } } $tv = new Television; $tv->setScreenSize( 42 ); $ball = new TennisBall; $ball->setColor( yellow ); $manager = new StoreManager(); $manager->addProduct( $tv ); $manager->addProduct( $ball ); $manager->stockUp(); echo <p>There are . $tv->getStockLevel() . . $tv->getScreenSize(); echo -inch televisions and . $ball->getStockLevel() . . $ball->getColor(); echo tennis balls in stock.</p> ; echo <p>Selling a television...</p> ; $tv->sellItem(); echo <p>Selling two tennis balls...</p> ; $ball->sellItem(); $ball->sellItem(); echo <p>There are now . $tv->getStockLevel() . . $tv->getScreenSize(); echo -inch televisions and . $ball->getStockLevel() . . $ball->getColor(); echo tennis balls in stock.</p> ; > </body> </html>
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If it was possible to obtain exact measurements of the gradient vector V(J(W)) at each iteration, and if the step-size parameter p is suitably chosen, then the weight
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10 Editing Your Drawing with Advanced Tools
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Existing systems
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Again the CGI processes the data and has the data brought back to the server.
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The modules aifc, wave, and sunau handle AIFF, WAV, and AU files, respectively. The interfaces for the modules are almost identical. The aifc module is documented first, followed by an accounting of the differences.
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Table 8.84 lists the results.
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9: Spam Blockers
On the Begin screen of the wizard, choose one of two options: Create table or external file from scratch: Choose this option if you don t have a BLK file, which is a template that you create in the Attribute Extraction Wizard. In this case, you ll define the fields that you want to use. Use template (schedule, parts, list, etc.): Choose this option if you previously saved a BLK file, which is a template that you created previously in the Attribute Extraction Wizard. If you choose this option, browse to the BLK file and select it. In either case, click Next. The following instructions assume that you chose the first option, which requires more steps. On the Select Drawings screen, choose from where you want to extract attributes. Most often, you want to keep the default selection of Current Drawing. However, you can select objects (blocks) within the drawing, or choose an entirely different drawing or drawing set. Click Additional Settings to specify some block and block-count settings. You can choose to include nested blocks, include blocks in xrefs, and include xrefs as blocks in the block count. (Xrefs are covered in 19.) When counting blocks, you can include all blocks or only blocks in model space.
Disposal Residual value Disposal
FIGURE 6.6 Example of single-electron transistor. (Courtesy: Quantum-E ect Devices Group of the Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
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