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Image maps are also a great way to create a navigation bar. Instead of having several buttons that have to come down from the server, just one image has to load. Because it s one image, its look can be clean and unified. The image can have a nice background, effects, or a theme. An image map is a somewhat complicated object. Creating one involves laying a coordinate map on top of an image and then noting the coordinates of each specified area within the map, and assigning URLs or other instructions to each set of coordinates. Luckily, GoLive handles the complicated coding stuff itself, behind the scenes. All you see is the easy, creative stuff. To make an image map, all you have to do is place the desired image, use some simple drawing tools to mark each hotspot on top of the image, and then Point and Shoot to the hotspot s destination. Two types of image maps exist. The original type held the instructions at the Web server so whenever a user clicked an image map area, the browser had to send a request back to the server so the server could tell the browser what to do with the request. GoLive uses the newer, easier, more popular type of image map, called a client-side map. With this type of map, the client (which is the browser) has all the map s instructions to begin with and knows exactly what to do as soon as the user clicks an area. If you look at the HTML source code after you create a map, you can see the instructions directly within the HTML that defines your page. This chapter introduces you to everything you need to know about creating an image map in GoLive. After you become familiar with these basics, you can learn how to use buttons to create fascinating pages or interfaces. Although I hate to put a damper on the fun and benefit of image maps, I do have to remind you that not everyone can see the graphics you use on your site. Bear in mind the people who rely on having your pages read aloud by a speech-synthesizing browser, and those on the Web via older computers or hand-held devices. In addition to the image map, include some sort of text navigation within your page. The text version can be at the bottom, and does not have to be as intricate as the detailed list of worldwide locations in our opening example.
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SELECT instr( tripper , rip ) AS rip_pos, instr( tripper , trip ) AS trip_pos, instr( tripper , per ) AS rep_pos, instr( tripper , xxx ) AS xxx_pos FROM dual
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You can fill an area of an image in the following ways:
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In order to locate the data, many files and layouts of data must be analyzed. Some files use the Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), some use the Information Management System (IMS), some use Adabas, some use the Integrated Database Management System (IDMS). Different skill sets are required in order to
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Top Anti-Virus Picks
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Interestingly, you can use the increment operator with characters as well. For example, you can add one to the character B and the returned value is C. However, you cannot subtract from (decrement) character values.
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Black Generation: Available only when the GCR option is active, the Black Generation pop-up menu determines how dark the cyan, magenta, and yellow concentrations must be before Photoshop adds black ink. Select Light to use black ink sparingly; select Heavy to apply it liberally. The None option prints no black ink whatsoever, while the Maximum option prints black ink over everything. You may want to use the UCA Amount option to restore cyan, magenta, and yellow ink if you select the Heavy or Maximum option. Black Ink Limit: Enter the maximum amount of black ink that can be applied to the page. By default, this value is 100 percent, which is solid ink coverage. If you raise the UCA Amount value, you ll probably want to lower this value by a similar percentage to prevent the image from overdarkening. Total Ink Limit: This value represents the maximum amount of all four inks permitted on the page. For example, assuming you use the default Black Ink Limit and Total Ink Limit values of 100 and 300 percent, respectively, the darkest printable color contains 100 percent black ink. The sum total of cyan, magenta, and yellow inks, therefore, is the difference between these values: 200 percent. A typical saturated black a mix of inks that results in an absolute pitch-black pigment is 70 percent cyan, 63 percent magenta, 67 percent yellow, and 100 percent black. And 70 + 63 + 67 + 100 =, you guessed it, 300. UCA Amount: The opposite of UCR, UCA stands for under color addition, which enables you to add cyan, magenta, and yellow inks to areas where the concentration of black ink is highest. For example, a value of 20 percent raises the amount of cyan, magenta, and yellow inks applied with black concentrations between 80 and 100 percent. This option is dimmed when the UCR radio button is active. Gray Ramp: The Gray Ramp graph on the right side of the Custom CMYK dialog box shows the effects of your changes. Four lines one in each color represent the four inks. Although you can t edit the colored lines in this graph by clicking and dragging them, you can observe the lines to gauge the results of your settings. If you have an urge to grab a curve and yank on it, choose Custom from the Black Generation pop-up menu. The ensuing dialog box lets you edit the black curve directly while you preview its effect on the C, M, and Y curves in the background.
Not all PC fans are equally quiet. When choosing fans for HTPC use, noise considerations are probably more important for most users than in desktop machines. Web sites like can not only sell you such fans, but they also rate them in terms of their noise output (don t be surprised to observe that quieter fans cost more than noisier ones, either). You will also find great coverage of this topic at under headings that include Cooling, Fans & Controls, but most important the Fans item among that site s excellent Recommended entries (which also includes tips and techniques to reduce fan voltage as a way of lowering noise output).
associated with intersecting geometric regions are part of a single shared space, (3) manage the operation of geometry-based shared spaces during their lifetimes including the merging of multiple spaces into a single space and the splitting of a space into multiple spaces, and (4) manage the destruction of a shared space when it is no longer needed. The directory layer is essentially a distributed hash table where the index space of the table is directly constructed from the geometry of the discretized computational domain using the Hilbert SFC. SFC [14] are a class of locality preserving mappings from d-dimensional space to one-dimensional space, that is, N d N 1 , such that each point in N d is mapped to a unique point or index in N 1 . Using this mapping, a point in the N d can be described by its spatial or d-dimensional coordinates, or by the length along the one-dimensional index measured from one of its ends. The construction of SFCs is recursive and the mapping functions are computationally inexpensive and consist of bit-level interleaving operations and logical manipulations of the coordinates of a point in multidimensional space. SFCs are locality preserving in that points that are close together in the onedimensional space are mapped from points that are close together in the d-dimensional space. The Hilbert SFC is used to map the d-dimensional coordinate space of the computational domain to the one-dimensional index space of the hash table. The index space is then partitioned and distributed to the processors in the system. As a result, each processor stores a span of the index space and is responsible for the corresponding region of the d-dimensional application domain. The processor manages the operation of the shared space in that region, including space creation, merges, splits, memberships, and deletions. As mentioned above, object sharing in Seine is based on their geometric relationships. To share objects corresponding to a speci c region in the domain, a processor must rst register the region of interest with the Seine runtime. A directory service daemon at each processor serves registration requests for regions that overlap with the geometric region and the corresponding index span mapped to that processor. Note that the registered spaces may not be uniformly distributed in the domain, and as a result, registration load must be balanced while mapping and possibly remapping index spans to processors. To register a geometric region, the Seine runtime system rst maps the region in the d-dimensional coordinate space to a set of intervals in the one-dimensional index space using the Hilbert SFC. The index intervals are then used to locate the processor(s) to which they are mapped. The process of locating corresponding directory processors is ef cient and only requires local computation. The directory service daemon at each processor maintains information about currently registered shared spaces and associated regions at the processor. Index intervals corresponding to registered spaces at a processor are maintained in an interval tree. A new registration request is directed to the appropriate directory service daemon(s). The request is compared with existing spaces using the interval tree. If overlapping regions exist, a union of these regions is computed and the existing shared spaces are updated to cover the union. Note that this might cause previously separate spaces to be merged. If no overlapping regions exist, a new space is created.
16.4.9. Waste to Energy Conversion
Of course, some small accommodations can be made away from the normalized model when the entire organization views the data in the same way. For example, suppose that monthly data is kept and when the organization looks at the monthly data, it looks at all monthly data. In this case, storing data for all months together makes sense. A different approach to database design sometimes mentioned in the context of data warehousing is the multidimensional approach. This approach entails star joins, fact tables, and dimensions. The multidimensional approach applies exclusively to data marts, not data warehouses. Unlike data warehouses, data marts are very much shaped by processing requirements. To build a data mart, you have to know a lot about the processing requirements that surround the data mart. Once those requirements are known, the data mart can be shaped into an optimal star join structure. But data warehouses are essentially different because they serve a very large and diverse community, and as such, they are not optimized for the convenience or performance of any one set of requirements. Data warehouses are shaped around the corporate requirements for information, not the departmental requirements for information. Therefore, creating a star join for the data warehouse is a mistake because the end result will be a data warehouse optimized for one community at the expense of all other communities. The appeal of the multidimensional approach to database design for data marts begins with the data model. For all of the practical uses of a data model as one of the foundations of design, there are some shortcomings. Consider the simple data model in Figure 3-51.
: r 180 : color green : call box : sub cirrot # draw a circle and rotate a little .. push color push position .. color none .. f 50 .. pop color .. call circle .. pop position .. r 20 .. end : reset scale reset position reset color : repeat 18 cirrot
ePR & Web Server
N OT E You have probably heard a lot about Web services and a lot about Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Per the preceding description, you can consider any two applications communicating over HTTP to be a Web service. They tend to exchange XML because it is the best format for the job. SOAP is a protocol that encapsulates this basic architecture. You ll learn more about Web services in 16.
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