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You can easily turn any contiguous cells within a table into their own standalone table. Simply select the desired cells (as I show you later in this chapter), copy them, and then paste them wherever you want the new table to appear. The original table and all of its contents remain intact.
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Fig. 14.3 Computational solid model of an aeroengine breather system
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Note that you can use any variable name you like to store the value. Essentially, any variable that you place after the as in the foreach statement gets assigned the current element s value.
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Picture (Metafile or Enhanced Metafile) Bitmap
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and hit the Enter key. You are presented with a prompt that looks like this:
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This script makes use of the Member class to retrieve the list of members from the database, then displays the list in the page. It starts by retrieving two query string parameters start, representing the record position from which to start displaying the records in the page, and order, which specifies which column to sort the data by and storing the parameter values in two variables, $start and $order. If either parameter wasn t passed to the script, a default value is used. To improve security, the script filters both parameters to make sure they contain valid values: $start is cast to int, whereas $order uses a regular expression to remove any non-alphabetic characters (because only letters are used for the field names in the members table). You can find out more about regular expressions in 18. Next, the script retrieves the list of members to display in the page. The code to do this is really simple, because all the complexity is nicely hidden away in the Member class:
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How It Works
medium that can be made from pretty much anything. This is evident in today s network environment, where network signals can be carried over wire, ber ( ber optic), or air (wireless). The word net may be short for network, but one of the authors likes the idea of visualizing a shing net, where each node is tied to adjoining nodes, and there are multiple paths from one to the other.
Generic hazard study process Review and select techniques Identify the hazards Analyse consequences Analyse the frequency
Figure 33-16: An Image Tile dialog box created from an image-tile menu.
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