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Flexible Distributed Mesh Data Structure
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Polyetherketone (PEK)
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Introduction Why Validate Analytical Procedures Current Good Manufacturing Practices in Twenty-First Century Cycle of Analytical Methods Analytical Method Validation Characteristics Accuracy Method Precision Speci city Detection Limit Quantitation Limit Linearity Range Robustness 8.1.6 Process of Analytical Method Validation 8.1.7 Information Required in Analytical Procedure 8.1.8 Phase-Appropriate Method Validation 8.1.9 Method Veri cation 8.1.10 Method Revalidation 8.1.11 Conclusion References 8.1.1 8.1.2 8.1.3 8.1.4 8.1.5
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Advocacy professionals are constantly trying to find the most effective way to reach legislators. Common wisdom is that the most effective vehicle is a personal visit by a constituent, followed by a letter, phone call and, lastly, an e-mail or fax. However, electronic contact with legislative offices is becoming increasingly accepted. According to a survey of House Correspondence Management System (CMS) vendors, an estimated 25 percent of House offices now answer e-mail with e-mail, compared to 10 percent in March 2001. For example, Representative Zach Wamp s (R-TN) office heavily promotes use of e-mail with constituents and has seen a dramatic shift in its correspondence. In 1999, e-mail accounted for 13 percent of the office s total mail volume. Now e-mail is almost half of the constituent communication. And, while the average volume of incoming e-mail per week has increased by 52 percent, postal mail volume has decreased by 48 percent. This has reduced the amount of time staff spend processing mail, reduced the mail turnaround time, and saved staff from having to deal with some of the ugly irradiated paper that most House offices encounter! Representative Wamp s experience shows what an office can achieve when it encourages constituents to use a more efficient and faster means of communication.9
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Performs case-insensitive matching. Interprets words according to the current locale. This interpretation affects the alphabetic group (\w and \W), as well as word boundary behavior (\b and \B). Makes $ match the end of a line (not just the end of the string) and makes ^ match the start of any line (not just the start of the string). Makes a period (dot) match any character, including a newline. Interprets letters according to the Unicode character set. This flag affects the behavior of \w, \W, \b, \B. Permits cuter regular expression syntax. It ignores whitespace (except inside a set [] or when escaped by a backslash), and treats unescaped # as a comment marker. For example, the following two lines of code are equivalent. They match a single word containing three consecutive pairs of doubled letters, such as zrqqxxyy. (Finding an
Metro DR with remote mirroring
However, in this case fetchAll() is ideal. The script loops through the returned array of rows, passing each $row associative array into the constructor for the Member class. Remember that the constructor is actually in the DataObject class, and it expects an associative array of field names and values, which is exactly what each element of the array returned by fetchAll() contains. The constructor then uses this associative array to populate the Member object with the data. Once the array of Member objects has been created, the method runs another query. Remember the SQL_ CALC_FOUND_ROWS keyword in the original query To extract the calculated total number of rows, you need to run a second query immediately after the original query:
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