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Of course, the whole point of having the UserString class is so that you can subclass it. As an example, the UserString module also provides the MutableString class:
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You may need to mark areas of your drawings that contain revisions in order to draw attention to these revisions. A common method is to draw a revision cloud around the revised objects. Figure 10-35 shows a drawing with a revision cloud, which is a series of arcs that indicate that an area of the drawing has been revised.
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STEPS: Creating a Filter Inside the Factory
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You can combine switches. For example, the following command-line statement opens the drawing Union Hill Apts in the front view and runs the setup script.
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The path curve must be one object a line, arc, circle, polyline, ellipse, or elliptical arc. It can be open, like the path curves shown in Figure 23-23, or closed. A closed path curve creates a model that is closed in the N direction.
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Part V: Advanced Topics
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Figure 6-52: Selecting the Articles & Bookmarks menu option from the pull-down menu or clicking the Next button opens the next dialog box where articles and bookmarks can be preserved.
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On Windows, Tkinter applications look more professional when you run them with pythonw.exe instead of python.exe. Giving a script a .pyw extension sends it to pythonw instead of python. Pythonw does not create a console window; the disadvantage of this is that you can t see anything printed to sys.stdout and sys.stderr.
Figure 7.7 Load lines on the output I /V characteristics of an FET corresponding to different operation modes
Adaptive Mesh Re nement MHD Simulations of Tokamak Refueling
There s no real trick in Step 1. Just be sure to give each table an ID eld so it s easy to refer to its records. To understand Step 2, remember that each participant can go on many tours and each tour can have many participants so the Participants/Tours relationship is many-to-many. During the week, each participant can eat at several restaurants and each restaurant can feed many participants, so the Participants/Restaurants relationship is also many-to-many. To model the two many-to-many relationships, the model needs a ParticipantTours table and a ParticipantRestaurants table. To distinguish among repeats (a customer takes the same tour twice or visits the same restaurant twice), add a Date eld to each table.
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