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The background of your page plays a large part of setting the page s mood. Background can be a solid color, a texture, or a graphic. Colors are provided in GoLive s Color palette, which shares the Objects palette window by default.
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The functions filter and use_env, which must be called before initscr, do not work (as of Python 2.0 and 2.1).
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Based on our survey of and experience with available remote controls, although there are many potential candidates to choose from, only two stand out. One is the Microsoft MCE Remote, the other is the Logitech Harmony 860 remote; both include an IR receiver along with the remote itself as part of the product package but only the MCE remote s IR receiver works with MCE! The Logitech Harmony costs more than the Microsoft remote and offers more functionality. The Microsoft model shines as the intended remote control for Media Center PCs; the Harmony s USB-connector and Internet-based download of device information make it a contender for that over-used designation: universal remote (this appellation is too often claimed for devices that don t deserve it, in our humble opinion). We decided to endow the P4 system with a Microsoft remote because it won t need to drive too many other devices (perhaps a set-top cable box and TV set at most). But because the Athlon 64 and Pentium M systems will sit in an entertainment center chock-full of other equipment, we endowed them with the Harmony remote. That said, remember that if you buy the Harmony remote you must still also buy the MCE remote, to get a workable IR receiver to plug into your HTPC.
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The use of weighting with a linear sensor array.
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16. Open ab33-a.dwg from the CD-ROM. Save it as ab33-01.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 17. Look at the menu. It should look like Figure 33-10. Notice the sub-menu and the separator line. (If you don t see it, you may need to re-display your current workspace, which you can do from the Workspaces toolbar.)
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III Distribution map analysis 1. Pixel distribution histogram e.g., mean, standard deviation of the pixel values... 2. Particle statitistics e.g., number, size, spatial distribution... 3. Computation of quantitative values e.g., water content...
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<input type= hidden name= original_price > <xsl:attribute name= value ><xsl:value-of select= PRODUCT_PRICE /></xsl:attribute> </input>
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Figure 10-12: A typical Web page layout that requires slicing to make the best and most efficient use of the page space
Part IV Drawing in Three Dimensions
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