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Figure 17-9
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6.3.3 Full-nonlinear Analysis
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Figure 24-47: You can chamfer this solid box to create a new shape. You can t see the chamfer because of the viewpoint. You change the viewpoint at the end of the exercise. 4. Repeat the CHAMFER command. Do the exact same operation as in Step 3, but pick 2. 5. Repeat the CHAMFER command. Follow the prompts:
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Storage Service Class: Allows a PACS application running on system A (i.e., a CT scanner) to play the role of a Storage Service Class User (SCU) that initiates storage requests and transmits images to system B (i.e., an acquisition gateway computer), which serves as a Storage Service Class Provider (SCP), accepting images to its local storage device. Q/R Service Class: Allows PACS applications running on system A (i.e., a WS) to play the role of a Q/R SCU that queries and retrieves images from system B (i.e., an archive server), which serves as a Q/R SCP, processing query and retrieval requests.
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Table 8.6 TYPE Simple
Return Loss (dB)
You might want to take a small break at this point, get a cup of coffee, and find that flashlight we mentioned earlier!
Coupling up to the route or waypoint means that a constant compass course is not being steered and any compass error is dif cult to assess.
The basic functionality and QoS di erentiation capability of HSDPA were described in s 4 and 5. HSDPA is a 3GPP R5 concept introduced to support new multimedia services requiring improved QoS and high peak data rates in the downlink. These services will account for the biggest source of tra c load in 3G networks in the years to come, resulting in new revenue opportunities for the operator. But nothing comes for free. HSDPA has to be deployed and, thus, dimensioning methods for this new radio technology are of great importance. In the following sections, we present the downlink radio dimensioning issue that arises from the introduction of HSDPA in an existing operating WCDMA network, which re ects the most probable deployment scenario [18]. This analytical approach allows the network administrator to derive maximum HSDPA throughput, or HSDPA power if throughput is provided as an input, as a function of actual cell load (due to dedicated and common channels), admission control and congestion control thresholds. The required HSDPA throughput may be the average value over the cell area or the minimum value associated with a certain coverage probability. The results of this process can be used to nd out whether resources already allocated for WCDMA are su cient for a satisfactory HSDPA service, or whether it is necessary to add new carriers or sites. The e ects on coverage may be evaluated using the proposed changes to the radio link power budget calculation.
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