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parameters are the words that will be written onto the Web page. Thus, if you wanted to add the words This is a test to your page, you d use the following code:
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19 Referencing Other Drawings
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1. ASTM, Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol. 8.01, D883, American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, PA, 2000, p. 176. 2. M. N. Helmus, Spectrum, Environmental Issues and Opportunities, Arthur D. Little Decision Resources, Feb. 1988, 3 1. 3. M. T. Wolin and T. L. Miller, Methanogens, in A. L. Demain, and N. A. Solomon, eds., Biology of Industrial Microorganisms; Buttterworths, Boston, 1985, pp. 189 221. 4. W. Gujer and A. J. B. Zehnder, Wat.Sci. Technol. 15, 127 167 (1983). 5. M. A. Barlaz, D. M. Schaefer, and R. K. Ham, Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 56, 56 65 (1989). 6. G. P. Smith, B. Press, D. Eberiel, R. A. Gross, S. P. McCarthy, and D. L. Kaplan, Polym. Mat. Sci. Eng. 63, 867 870 (1990). 7. J. Glenn and R. Spencer, Biocycle November, 34 84 (1991). 8. J. H. Crawford, in P. N. Cheremisinoff and R. P. Ouellette, eds., Biotechnology: applications and Research, Technomic, Lancaster, PA, 1985, pp. 68 77. 9. J. A. Brydson, Plastic Materials, Butterworth, Oxford, UK, 1987, p. 546. 10. J. A. Brydson, Plastic Materials, Butterworth, Oxford, UK, 1987, p. 9. 11. P. Finch and J. C. Robert, in T. P. Nevell and S. H. Zeronian, eds., Cellulose Chemistry and Its Applications, Ellis Horwood, West Sussex, England, 1985, pp. 312 343. 12. D. A. I. Goring and T. E. Timell, Tappi 45, 454 (1969). 13. M. Marx-Figini, Biochim. Biophys. Acta 177, 27 (1969. 14. G. Halliwell and M. Grif n, Biochem J. 128, 1183 (1973). 15. L. E. R. Berghem and L. G. Peterson Eur. J. Biochem. 37, 21 (1973). 16. M. Tein and T. K. Kirk, Science 221, 661 (1983). 17. M. Shimada and T. Higuchi, in D. N. Hon and N. Shiraish, eds., Wood and Cellulosic Chemistry, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1992, p. 557. 18. E. T. Reese, Ind. Eng. Chern. 49, 89 92 (1957). 19. E. B. Cowling, in E. W. Reese, ed., Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Related Materials, Macmillan, New York, 1963, pp. 1032. 20. R. G. H. Siu, Microbial Decomposition of Cellulose, Reinhold, New York, 1951. 21. J. Gu, M. Gada, S. McCarthy, R. Gross, and D. Eberiel, Polym. Mat. Sci. Eng. 67, 351 352 (1992). 22. M. Nelson, S. McCarthy, and R. Gross, Polym. Mat. Sci. Eng. 67, 139 140 (1992).
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The current instruction explains what you need to do. For example, if you choose an editing command, the prompt usually instructs you to Select objects. The text in the square brackets lists the various options available for the command. The angled brackets tell you the current value or default option for the command, if any. In the Dynamic Input tooltip, you first see the following:
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Sadly, PHP supports type hinting only for objects and arrays. Other data types, such as strings or integers, can t be checked using this technique. If you want to check for these types you ll need to use is_string(), is_int(), and so on as described in 3.
PyErr_ExceptionMatches(PyObject *e), which returns 1 to indicate a match. The value e is a pointer to an exception object. Exceptions in C are named the same as in Python, but with a PyExc_ prefix. For example, if a function returned NULL to indicate an error and you want to see if it was an ImportError, you d use some-
for Hong Kong has been separately compiled although it is a part of China. data. Table was compiled from data in reference [1].
A major disadvantage of a mesh topology is the number of ports consumed by ISLs. In a five-switch mesh, four ports in each switch are used for ISLs, or 25 percent for a 16-port switch. Therefore, mesh topologies should be used when the total number of switches is small compared to the number of ports per switch.
Table 4.2. Summary of main MS ionization modes used in the study of biomolecules Ionization mode Electron impact (EI) Chemical ionization (CI) Basis of ionization Molecule loses or gains electron from beam of electrons in vacuo Nature of sample Vapour Principal applications Determination of structure of small molecules by interpreting fragmentation pattern obtained. Unsuitable for proteins Accurate mass of intact M + H. Unsuitable for proteins
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