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also be a risk factor for the rare atypical diabetes, described especially in Chinese and Black populations, which presents acutely with ketosis but subsequently resembles type 2 diabetes in its clinical course (Tan et al., 2000; Banerji et al., 1994). Obesity does not apparently make an important contribution to the risk of developing autoimmune type 1 diabetes or the rare monogenic types of the disease such as maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) and the mitochondrial mutation syndromes (Mathis et al., 2001; Cho et al., 2007; Liou et al., 2007; Vaxillaire and Froguel, 2008). However, as discussed below, there is evidence that obesity impairs -cell function and so could unmask a -cell defect at an earlier age.
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You use the UNION command to add two solids together, making one solid. If the solids are touching, you get a new, unified solid. If the solids are not touching, but rather completely separate, using UNION is similar to grouping, because you select them as one object.
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26 Polishing Your Web Pages
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When creating a new object, often it s useful to set up certain aspects of the object at the same time. For example, you might want to set some properties to initial values, fetch some information from a database to populate the object, or register the object in some way. Similarly, when it s time for an object to disappear, it can be useful to tidy up aspects of the object, such as closing any related open files and database connections, or unsetting other related objects. Like most OOP languages, PHP provides you with two special methods to help with these tasks. An object s constructor method is called just after the object is created, and its destructor method is called just before the object is freed from memory. In the following sections you learn how to create and use constructors and destructors.
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Figure 6-18: Designating your network connection and IP address as part of a trusted network.
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Independent Data Marts Building Independent Data Marts Summary 14 Data Warehouse Advanced Topics End-User Requirements and the Data Warehouse
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regarded as a cubic packing of almost equal spheres. Notice the actual radii at the physical level are: 1s 2 2 2 2s 1 2 2 2p 6 6 3s 1 2 3p Actual Radius 1.55 1.9 0.97
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77. J. D. Fredrick, Y. Wang, and T. Itoh. Smart antennas based on spatial multiplexing of local elements (smile) for mutual coupling reduction. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 52( 1):106-1 14, January 2004. 78. G. Tsoulos, M. Beach, and J. McGeehan. Wireless personal communications for the 21st century: European technological advances in adaptive antennas. IEEE Communications Magazine, 35(9):102-109, September 1997. 79. G. Tsoulos, J. McGeehan, and M. Beach. Space division multiple access (sdma) field trials. Part2: Calibration and linearity issues. IEE Proc. radar sonar and navigation, 145(1):79-84, February 1998.
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FIGURE 20-3: The large profile on the Gigabyte Silentpipe 6600 butts right up against the neighboring PCI slot on one side, and blocks the PCI-E X1 slot on the other side.
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Figure 35-7: One possible result of the LISTSSET routine.
A hash function takes an input file and generates a fixed-length output value. The output value is unique for each input file (that is, if the input file is altered by even 1 bit, the output value will change). This calculation is easy, but it is impossible to reverse-engineer the output value to give you the input file. That s why the algorithm is called one-way. The recipient, after getting the input file, calculates the hash value of that input file and compares it with the hash value it received from the sender. If the two hash values are identical, the recipient is assured that the input file has not been altered during transit. Some examples of hash algorithms are MD-5, RIPE-MD-160, and SHA-1.
Table 7.1 Typical milestone review stages Review stage 1 2 3 4 5 6 Project phase Scheme definition, pre-project study Design proposal, plant specification Detailed design Construction and pre-commissioning Commissioning Post-commissioning
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2. Open AutoCAD and make the pointer change that you want on the System tab of the Options dialog box. (If you re installing a new digitizer, follow the manufacturer s instructions to install the digitizer.) Click OK.
Spatial signatures
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