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Understanding Error Levels
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12 Getting Information from Your Drawing
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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The effective radial shear R is then R a : 2b a 5:17
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If you open the Plug-Ins folder inside the Photoshop folder, you see that it contains several subfolders. By default, Photoshop places the filters in the Filters and Effects subfolders, but you can place additional filters anywhere inside the Plug-Ins folder. Even if you create a new folder inside the Plug-Ins folder and call it No Filters Here, create another folder inside that called Honest, Fresh Out of Filters, toss in one more folder called Carpet Beetles Only, and put every plug-in you own inside this latest folder, Photoshop sees through your clever ruse and displays the exact same filters you always see under their same submenus in the Filter menu. The only purpose of the subfolders is to keep things tidy, so that you don t have to look through a list of 6,000 files.
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FIGURE 1.12 Geometries of a shorted rectangular patch antenna with an L-shaped or a folded slit for dual-frequency operation.
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Assigning keyboard keys
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vector (C) to a position where it cuts the line joining A to B and beyond (D). Give it one arrow.
Figure 5-13: Program controls are a bit simpler in Norton Personal Firewall than in ZoneAlarm Pro, and generally do a great job of managing access in your best interests.
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