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Figure 9.4. Interaction diagram for the MOs of the trigonal bipyramid with a substituent in the equatorial plane to the site of substitution: (a) X:; (b) Z; (c) ``C''. Only Z substituents are expected to have a strong stabilizing e ect on the TS.
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Schedules, Events
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O R C O Ag Br2 R Br AgBr CO2 3 The mechanism is a free-radical chain reaction which is believed to involve the following steps:
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impulse to give right away. They might guess your Web site address, but many will use a search engine. You must optimize your search engine ranking. Your Internet service provider or internal technical staff can help you do this. It is essential that the optimization, if done for fundraising purposes, allow for keywords related to fundraising to be passed on to the search engines. To help someone make best use of search engines to drive new donors to a nonprofit organization s site, please visit to understand the world of search engines. Also, for tips on submitting a nonprofit site to search engines, the reader should visit Contests, quizzes and advocacy are a great way to build your warm e-mail list (acquired e-mails) and then convert them into donors. You should be integrating contests and quizzes into your e-newsletter. Save the Children Canada conducted an online acquisition campaign in 2002 to build its e-mail list of interested citizens by running a mission-related contest. The organization wanted to build awareness in Canada around the issue of child slave labor used to harvest the cocoa found in much of the chocolate eaten around the world. The campaign was called Positive Chocolate, and had both terrestrial marketing, advertising, and fundraising educating Canadians on the issue. The campaign directed consumers to chocolate that was from nonchild slave labor sources. To support the offline campaign, Save the Children created an online contest. Anyone driven by interactive banners to a landing page (seen in Exhibit 14.9) had the
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The Express Tools contain a command, IMAGEEDIT (choose Express File Tools Edit Image), that opens a selected image in a specified image-editing application.
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Figure B-12 If you want to track speci c instances of rented assets (for example, to keep track of the number of times each copy of a DVD is rented), you can add an AssetInstances table as shown in Figure B-13.
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boolean setParams(String[] args) throws Exception { try { target=new URL(args[0]); } catch (MalformedURLException e) { errMesg= Invalid URL ; return false; } int paramPos=1; if (args.length>1 && args[1].indexOf( = )==-1) { xmlFile=args[1]; paramPos++; }
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Throughout this book, I have made an attempt to give you solutions that will allow you to record a podcast with gear that you own, today, and I want to focus on that first. The fancy hardware tools that I discussed in 7 will come into play later, but the software utilization portion of this book will remain the same. Some of you may choose to use alternative recording software, but the setup principles are the same. Because Windows, Mac, and Linux users will be reading this book, I will use Audacity ( It works on all three platforms. If you have not installed Audacity, please do so now. You and I are podcasters, but each of us has separate goals. Luckily for you and me, there are a significant number of in-depth tutorials on the Internet on recording audio. You could spend weeks reading all the different techniques. I m going to give you the basics. Feel free to use the various tutorials on the Audacity website to dig deeper into Audacity.
5.4 Tapering Functions
Figure 12-1
Some Speci c Areas of QuC Research and Development
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