The State of HDTV and Media Center PCs in .NET

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There is that word again hierarchical. The hierarchical design model is the most commonly used model in most high-speed LANs today. This model allows for easy expansion. It also makes network management and troubleshooting easier. By breaking nodes in the LAN into three functions, the nodes are able to focus on speci c tasks instead of each of them working to perform all tasks. Figure 12-1 shows an example of what we are talking about. The hierarchical model has the following three different layers, with nodes within each layer performing a speci c function: Access layer Distribution layer Core layer Keep in mind that a model is a recommendation or a guideline more than it is a rule. Sometimes a single node can take care of all the layers itself, sometimes it can t. It s always easier to follow a model, and this one is tried and true.
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Figure 15.13 Simpli ed teleconsultation system connecting a referring site and an expert site with one network and a telephone line.
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Get the total amount of space on the disk and the amount of space that you have free. Both of these values are returned in bytes. The actual values are irrelevant all you need them for is to get a proportion so that you can draw the bar.
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56% of that using the regular-size dual-frequency design studied in Section 4.4.2. Figure 4.62 presents the measured E- and H-plane radiation patterns for the two operating frequencies of the design with = 11 and 12 mm. The results show good broadside radiation and acceptable cross-polarization levels for the two operating frequencies in the present design. With Four T-Shaped Slots The case with four T-shaped slots has been studied, and the design is shown in Figure 4.63. In this design, four T-shaped slots are aligned to face the four edges of the rectangular patch, leaving a spacing of 1.4 mm in the patch center. The length of the T-shaped slot is xed to 12 mm (= 0.423W ) and the width t of the T-shaped slot is varied from 0 to 24 mm. Other antenna parameters are the same as used in Sections Figure 4.64 presents the measured return loss against frequency for the present design with different slot sizes. The corresponding design parameters and antenna performance are listed in Table 4.17. It
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To draw your slices, press K to select the slice tool. The tool shares a flyout with the slice select tool, as shown in Figure 19-20. You can tell the two apart because the slice select tool includes a little arrow cursor, the universal symbol for selection tool.
Figure 11-3
25 Rendering in 3D
1. Open ab10-k.dwg from the CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab10-13.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. Notice that two lines of text appearing in the middle of the drawing plus the text at the bottom of the drawing are black/white rather than blue like all of the other text. You want to check the color of all of the text and correct it if necessary.
To undo the changes that you made, you need to take two steps. To unload the partial customization file, right-click it in the Customize User Interface dialog box and choose Unload. Confirm the decision. This file is separate from the main customization file, and so it doesn t affect the main customization file directly. To undo the changes that you made to the main customization file (acad.cui or acadlt.cui), you need to copy the original file over the new one. To find the location of this file, choose Tools Options and click the Files tab. Double-click the Customization Files item, and then double-click the Main Customization File item. Close AutoCAD. In Windows Explorer, locate the backup copy that you made in Step 1 of the previous exercise. Expand the location of the current main customization file. Press Ctrl and drag the backup file to the current file of the same name. When you open AutoCAD again, it will load the backup copy of the main customization file.
To help you get the most from the text and keep track of what s happening, we ve used a number of conventions throughout the book.
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