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Figure 8.1 A two-dimensional square lattice.
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This pattern replaces a percentage figure (followed optionally by commas and spaces) with an empty string. Because a limit argument of 2 was supplied, only the first two matches are replaced. The second optional argument is a variable to hold the number of replacements performed. (If you want to use this argument but you don t want to limit the number of replacements, pass 1 for the previous argument.) The following example replaces the character % with the string percent four times, and displays the number of replacements:
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Symmetric voice user (UL .DL)
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The function getsample(fragment,width,n) returns the nth sample from a fragment. The sample is frame number index if fragment is in mono.
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(The ID number is represented by the Xs in this example.) 2. Give this command:
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Figure 23-7: You can create many-sided polyface meshes on one plane, or on several different planes. After you switch to the 3D Hidden visual style, the polyface mesh hides objects behind it. The prompts for PFACE are divided into two phases. The first phase simply asks for vertices. The second phase asks you to specify which vertex makes up which face (or plane). The second phase is fairly meaningless for polyface meshes on one plane, but you have to specify the vertices anyway. Here s how to do it: 1. Type pface . 2. At the Specify location for vertex 1: prompt, specify the first vertex. 3. Continue to specify vertices at the Specify location for vertex 2 or <define faces>: or Specify location for vertex 3 or <define faces>: prompts. Press Enter when you ve finished. 4. At the Face 1, vertex 1: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer]: prompt, type which vertex starts the first face of the polyface mesh. It s usually vertex 1, so you type 1 . 5. At the Face 1, vertex 2: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next face>: prompt, type which vertex comes next on the first face. Continue to specify the vertices for the first face.
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The Profile class provides a run(command) method to profile the specified command. Normally, the command runs in the current namespace. To run the command in a particular namespace context, pass the global and local dictionaries (as returned by built-in functions globals and locals) to runctx(command, globals, locals). To profile a function call, you can call runcall(functionname[,arguments...]). After running a command, call the print_stats method to print statistics, or the dump_stats(filename) to write out stats (in nonreadable format) to the specified file. A call to[,filename]) creates a Profile object, calls run(command), and then calls either print_stats or dump_stats(filename). The Profile class can be subclassed. For example, the class HotProfile is a subclass of Profile. It calculates less data (ignores caller-callee relationships), but runs faster.
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[( justwhispers , ( jimmy , punk )), ( slashdot , ( juan , lemmein )), ( hotmail , ( jrf5 , 18thStreet ))] >>> logins.clear() # Delete everything >>> logins {}
PC Magazine Guide to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
The following statement selects the same records except it uses the LEFT JOIN clause to favor the table listed to the left of the clause in the query (Orders). If a record appears in that table, it is listed in the result even if there is no corresponding record in the other table.
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Combining objects into blocks Saving blocks as drawing files Inserting blocks and files into drawings Managing blocks and parts libraries Creating and using dynamic blocks Using Windows features Working with attributes
8 1. Solve the SHMO equation for the p orbitals and orbital energies of the carbonyl group: O C j CC j, CO CC . Sketch the results in the form of an interaction diagram. Answer. E L 1X618 ; E U 0X618 ; L 0X851p O 0X526p C ; U 0X526p O 0X851p C . Bond energy: C O 2E L 1X236 1X236j j. Ionization potential: E L 0X618 j j 0X618j j. Electronic excitation p 3 p : E U E L 2X236 2X236j j. Bond order: 2 0X851 0X526 0X895. Net charges: on O, 2 0X851 2 1 0X447; on C, 2 0X526 2 1 0X447. 2. Develop an orbital diagram for the amide group from the interaction of the C O and N moieties. Explain the positioning of the C O and N orbitals before and after they interact. In developing the interactions, consider both the relative energies of the interacting orbitals and the polarization of the C O p orbitals. Don't forget the higher nonbonded electron pair on O. What features of the amide functional group are consistent with what you would expect from the perturbative MO analysis 3. 2,5-Dimethylborolane has been shown to be e ective in asymmetric reduction of ketones (Imai, T.; Tamura, T.; Yamamuro, A.; Sato, T.; Wollmann, T. A.; Kennedy, R. M.; Masamune, S., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1986, 108, 7402 7404). Using the frontier orbitals of a borolane and a ketone, show the probable course of the initial interaction between the two. 4. Metal hydrides are often used to reduce aldehydes and ketones:
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