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following sections): 1. A prepartitioning unit Nature, which divides the domain into natural regions, suitable for expert algorithms. 2. A set of expert algorithms for blocking homogeneous and unre ned parts of a grid, which is implemented as one part of Fable. 3. A hybrid expert algorithm for partitioning complex and multilevel re ned portions of a grid, implemented as the other part of Fable. 4. An Organizer, which functions as the brain of, and interface to, Nature+Fable. With the components listed above, Nature+Fable is a hybrid and exible partitioner. Nature+Fable is the result of our research and the reasoning above. It is designed to cope with the scenarios known to cause problems for traditional techniques. The aim is that Nature+Fable will provide good scalability for realistic large-scale SAMR applications with deep and complex hierarchies. Moreover, the generality and con gurability of Nature+Fable make it suitable for applications in distributed computing, where resources are heterogeneous and even more dynamic than for regular parallel SAMR.
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coin. If one is reduced the other is too; if one is strengthened both elements are stronger. It i s also useful t o consider that brands have their ow n personalities: they change and develop, but they also leave an impression 011 customers. illanaging a brand s (a product s or a business s) p ~ r s o d i online is demanding. The Internet can ~i provide greater opportunity and flexibility if used effectively, but it can also damage a brand and alienate customers if several critical factors are overlooked. One critical issue to watch is the fact that brand personalities, perceptions and customers trust require time t o build - and the one commodity that is often not available online is time. Even so, developing small wins in the eyes of the customer, coupled with a clear understanding of the principles guiding the development of the brand, will enable it to strengthen.
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order to have a stable system, only one-half of the far eld must be retrore ected back into the laser array. Using the off-axis con guration, we have included a spatial lter in the external cavity that allows only a limited number of spatial modes to interact with the adaptive PCM. Before the output beam from the array reaches the PCM, it is diffracted in a grating. The angular dispersion of the grating makes the feedback system frequency selective. The PCM and the grating form the frequency-selective phase conjugate feedback (FSPCF) system that forces the laser array to oscillate in one single longitudinal mode. The interaction among the array, the dynamic gratings of the adaptive PCM, the spatial lter, and the diffractive grating enables a phase locking of the laser array and causes all the radiated energy to be transferred into one single mode. The coherence length of the phase-locked output is increased signi cantly. This technique allows a large fraction of the radiated energy to be extracted from the laser system with a single-lobe far- eld pattern that is close to the diffraction limit. The center frequency of the output of the array can be tuned more than 5 nm by tilting the grating. The experimental setup is shown in Fig. 9.10. It is almost similar to the setup with the etalon in the external cavity described previously. In the grating con guration, however, the frequency-selective element is a diffraction grating instead of an etalon. The laser diode array is a GaAlAs 10-stripe array described previously. The output beam of the laser array is collimated with a lens (L1), and a second lens (L2) generates a pseudo far eld at a distance of 400 mm from the array. The collimated light is focused with a lens (L3) that generates a 2-mm spot at the face of the PCM made up of a 08-cut rhodium-doped (800 ppm) BaTiO3 crystal in which a phase conjugation process takes place and returns the phase conjugate wavefront toward the array. The crystal has been cut along its crystallographic axes and measures 5.11 5.53 5.33 mm3 (a a c axis). The crystal is arranged in a self-pumped Cat con guration with an angle of incidence of 608. The high coherence axis is in the a c plane of the crystal in order to obtain the highest photorefractive response. A 28 wedge is used as beam splitter. The two re ections are used for beam diagnostics: One re ection is used for monitoring the pseudo far eld generated with a lens, while the other one is directed to a spectrometer with a resolution of 0.02 nm. A coupling loss of approximately 20% occurs between the array and the collimating lens (L1), and a 10% loss takes place at the beam splitter, the wave plate, and the lenses. To avoid selfinduced frequency scanning and to obtain a high output coupling ef ciency, only one of the two far- eld lobes is directed to the PCM; a mirror is placed at the position of the generated pseudo far eld to pick out one-half of the radiated far- eld pattern. The beam re ected off this mirror is the output beam of the system. The lobe that is directed to the PCM is diffracted in a 1200-line/mm ruled grating before it enters the BaTiO3 crystal. The angular orientation of the grating is controlled by a piezoelement. The grating adds angular dispersion to the system and has strong in uence on the dynamic behavior and the optical bandwidth of a multimode laser diode array when coupled to a self-pumped PCM. The interaction between the angular dispersion of the grating and the dynamic gratings formed in the BaTiO3 crystal makes the external feedback system highly frequency-selective. The different array modes are discriminated by a spatial
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Cleaning validation, 835 836 Climatic zones and recommended storage conditions, 578 Clogenicity, 106 107 Common Technical Document (CTD), 333 334 Competency-based training, 438 439 Components of validation activity, 93 Consent decrees, 59 Container extractables and leachables, 665 668 Containers, 481 483 Contaminants found in water for injection, 465 Control chart, 292 293 Control limits, 305 306 Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA), 222, 25 Criminal proceedings, 61 66 Data mining, 358, 360 361 Data warehousing, 359 DEHP, 494, 509 Delivery systems, 506 516 Design of stability studies, 589 598 Detection limit, 733 734 Disgorgement, 59 Drug product salvaging, 24
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Digestion of proteins with speci c endoproteinases results in a unique population of peptides. Reversed phase HPLC using C-18 stationary phase (Section 2.4.3) may be used to achieve high-resolution separation of these. This is particularly useful for comparing related proteins such as haemoglobins or isoenzymes; where there is a degree of similarity in primary structure, we expect common peptides. However, in order to associate such peptides with speci c regions of primary structure in the parent protein, we need to determine the individual sequence of each peptide (e.g. by the Edman degradation). MS provides a complementary method for analysis of peptide maps which, unlike HPLC analysis per se, gives molecular mass information about the peptides. Thus, it may be possible to associate a peptide with a particular part of the protein primary structure simply by mass comparison (Example 4.3) although care should be taken in such experiments to take the isobaric nature of some residues into consideration (e.g. Leu/Ile; Gln/Lys). By interfacing HPLC with MS (Section 4.3.1) or by performing tandem MS, we can achieve a detailed analysis of peptide populations which can be used to identify cleavage points in the original sample protein.
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The sole attribute select describes a node set over which the iteration should occur. Table 13.11 lists the parent-child relationships.
Table 3.1 Format for Presenting Energy in Terms of the Fuel-Producing Industriesa Energy Use in Transport (MJ) 0.00 0.06 0.06 0.12
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