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These types of animations need a plug-in in the user s browser in order to work on the user s end. That same browser plug-in works within GoLive when you place it in GoLive s plug-ins folder. You can also easily add Java applications. Just drag the multimedia file into the Files tab of the Site Window, drag the prewritten Plug-in icon from the Objects palette to your page, and then Point and Shoot from the icon to the file. The Inspector is also there to help you, as always. Of course, you can create a regular link too, instead of embedding your multimedia file into your page. 20 gives you the lowdown on importing audio and video. QuickTime support abounds in GoLive. QuickTime is the most flexible and mature application for implementing video and sound on the Web, and GoLive has it big time. The GoLive QuickTime Editor, with the help of a dedicated QuickTime tab in the Objects palette, enables you to edit an existing movie or begin an entirely new one by starting fresh with a blank new movie container, and then adding your pieces. You can add multiple tracks of video and sound, and then use filters or transitions to combine them in a smooth flow. You can also do much more: Do you have an SWF file to add to your site You can build upon that animation by placing it into a QuickTime container, either alone or with other elements. Do you want to add a text track, live links You can. How about animated sprites You can create those in Photoshop or elsewhere and bring them in to add animation and interactivity to your site. If your movie becomes too long you can divide it into chapters too. Want to stream just a par of your movie, for reliability or for copyright reasons, perhaps That s as easy as dragging in a track and linking to it, just like you would add any other effect to your movie. The bottom line is that the GoLive QuickTime Editor enables you to perform the same functions as in QuickTime. DHTML animation is easy to create using GoLive s floating boxes and animation TimeLine Editor. Floating boxes give you the same effect as layers do in a drawing or graphics program, but can do far more than just stack images on one another. They can be used to do some great animations. You can put any text or image within a floating box, and then animate it by recording your actions or by using the TimeLine Editor. Another effect is to have mouseover actions show and hide a floating box when the user runs his or her mouse over the trigger item. You can add several floating boxes to a page to aid in the effect. To learn about floating boxes see 19. JavaScript is perhaps the most popular way to add interactivity or action to your site. GoLive richly supports JavaScript and comes with many preprogrammed JavaScripts, called GoLive Actions, ready for you to customize via the Inspector. Drag a JavaScript icon to your page and set it up in the Inspector or Actions palette. ActiveX controls can be set up by using the Object icon from the Basic tab of the Objects palette along with the Inspector. ActiveX is primarily a Windowsonly tool for interactive features and can only be set up (and function from) a Windows machine.
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Here, we took the approach of wanting to install a graphics card with better graphics and video handling capability than built-in offerings could deliver. The ASUS and Chaintech motherboards lacked graphics outputs altogether (not uncommon for higher-end models where designers assume buyers will use high-end graphics cards in any case), so graphics cards were must-haves for both of those machines. The AOpen motherboard s built-in graphics weren t really up to HTPC standards, either, so we picked one for the Pentium M system also. Here are more particulars: P4: Because this machine is intended to perform multiple computing roles (desktop, home theater, and light gaming), we decided to install a higher-end graphics card than is typical in some HTPCs. Here, we went with the Gigabyte GeForce 6600 PCI-e 256MB Silentpipe model (whose heat pipes keep the GPU cool, but require lots of space in the case for an oversize card no problem in the Antec P-180 that houses this build).
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You ve eliminated hardware as the probable cause of the connection problem, as well as the software that is driving your hardware. The next thing to check is the software in your computer. If you re connecting to a known working WLAN at a location where the signal strength is also known to be strong enough, your problem may be a function of incorrect network settings. To check your network settings: 1. Open the Network Connections folder from the Control Panel, and check that the network connection is actually enabled. That is, the connection label should say Enabled. If there is a red X through the wire of the icon for the Connection, the connection is Enabled but unavailable. If you need to enable the connection, right-click the connection icon and select Enable. If that s not your problem, soldier on. 2. Right-click the wireless LAN connection and select the Properties command; then click the Wireless Networks tab. You can get to a similar location by right-clicking the connection icon in the Status tray (if you enabled that feature in your Network Properties dialog box for the connection) on the right side of the taskbar and selecting the Properties command.
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You now know that the local-variable function definitely assigns the value of I m local to the variable var1. 7. To create a global variable, type (setq var1 "I m global") in the Console. The Console returns:
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Of the three, the midsized tower is the most popular type of case because it offers the best compromise between size and space for components. See Figure 3-1. The bigger the case the more room there is inside for components. However, full-sized tower cases can be very expensive and are generally reserved for specific applications (for example, a stand-alone server).
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We are now in a position to discuss the origin of the microwave background. The crucial ingredient we need is that a hydrogen atom has a minimum ionization energy; if an electron finds its way into the ground state then 13.6 eV of energy is needed to free it. At the very least, 10.2 eV is needed to raise it to its first excited state, from which a further 3.4 eV will ionize it. As long as the Universe is hot enough, photons will easily have this energy and are able to keep the hydrogen fully ionized. Let's begin by considering a suitably early time, say when the Universe was one millionth of its present size. At that time the temperature would have been about 3000000 K. Such a temperature was high enough that the typical energy of a photon in the thermal distribution was considerably more than the ionization energy of hydrogen atoms, so atoms would not have been able to exist at that epoch; any electron trying to bind to a proton would immediately be blasted away again by collision with a photon of light. The Universe at that time was therefore a sea of free nuclei and electrons, and because photons interact strongly with free electrons (via Thomson scattering), the mean free path of any photon was short (approximately l/neCTe where n e is the electron number density and CT e the Thomson scattering cross-section). So we picture a sea of frequently-colliding particles, forming an ionized plasma. This situation is actually not very exotic; if you calculate the density of material at that time you will find it's very low - considerably less than water - and it's very easy to heat a gas up until it becomes a plasma. The physics is all
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