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In this case, the three apply-templates elements are applied to each ROW element that iterates through the list. Likewise, any of those templates could have its own for-each element inside of it.
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(f ) What are the two optically active products produced upon thermal rearrangement of Feist's ester 5
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Figure 34-1 shows a two-node cluster. Each node has two NICs. The redundancy protects against failures in the NIC, the system board containing the NIC, and the cable from the NIC to network hub or switch. You must configure both NICs as an active/passive pair, with the passive NIC attached to the same network as the primary. The passive NIC should not be on the same system board or controller as the primary NIC. This will protect against the possibility that system board or controller failure can bring down all NICs simultaneously.
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1. From AutoCAD, choose Tools AutoLISP Visual LISP Editor to open Visual LISP. 2. Choose Open File on the Visual LISP Standard toolbar, and open ab34-a.lsp from the CD-ROM. Save the file as ab34-01.lsp in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 3. Choose Format Edit Window on the Tools toolbar. AutoCAD automatically formats the code.
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Some databases allow alternate key elds to have missing values, whereas all of the elds in a primary key are required. For example, the Competitors table might have Name/Address/Event as a unique key and Name/Event as a primary key. Then it could contain a record with Name and Event but no Address value. (Although that would be a bit strange. We might want to require that all of the elds have a value.) An alternate key is a candidate key that is not the primary key. Some also call this a secondary key, although others use the term secondary key to mean any set of elds used to locate records even if the elds don t de ne unique values. That s a lot of keys to try to remember! The following list brie y summarizes the different avors: Compound key or composite key: A key that includes more than one eld. Superkey: A set of columns for which no two rows can have the exact same values. Candidate key: A minimal superkey. Unique key: A superkey used to require uniqueness by the database. Primary key: A unique key that is used to quickly locate records by the database. Alternate key: A candidate key that is not the primary key. Secondary key: A key used to look up records but that may not guarantee uniqueness.
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This code produces the following output:
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Table 5.11
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11: Playing and Burning DVDs
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Noise and Pseudo-random Signals
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
It may seem that we are making a big to-do about nothing. We have network management. We designed the network, we know it better than the paper route we had in the seventh grade. Therefore, nothing can happen that we can t overcome in mere moments. Seriously, no sweat. We are done! Or are we
26 Keeping Control of Your Drawings
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