Photons can interact with the baryons and electrons; for example, a high-energy photon can knock an electron out of an atom (a process known as ionization), or can scatter off a free electron (known as Thomson scattering in the non-relativistic case hf m e c 2 otherwise Compton scattering). The more energetic the photons are, the more devastating their effects on other particles.
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Regardless of which type of line you re creating, you set the width of the line by entering a value into the Weight box on the Options bar. Then you add arrowheads via the drop-down options palette in the figure. To display the options, click the triangle at the end of the strip of shape icons (again, see the figure). Use the Arrowheads options as follows: Start: Select this check box to append an arrowhead to the beginning of a line drawn with the line tool. End: Select this check box to append an arrowhead to the end of a line. (Like you needed me to tell you this.) Width: Enter the width of the arrowhead in this option box. The width is measured as a percentage of the line weight, so if the Weight is set to 6 pixels and the Width value is 500 percent, the width of the arrowhead will be 30 pixels. Math in action. Length: Enter the length of the arrowhead, measured from the base of the arrowhead to its tip, again as a percentage of the line weight. Concavity: You can specify the shape of the arrowhead by entering a value between negative and positive 50 percent in the Concavity option box. Figure 6-28 shows examples of a few Concavity settings applied to an arrowhead 50 pixels wide and 100 pixels long.
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An introduction to the GoLive layout grid Adding a layout grid to your page Resizing the grid Aligning the grid Placing text and objects on the grid Optimizing the grid
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30 Authoring with WebDAV
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Figure 10-43: I captured this youthful fellow with a low-end digital camera equipped with a removable fish-eye lens. How innocent and happy he looks obviously not a computer user.
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Since only individual measurements are available, moving ranges need to be calculated for the estimation of process standard deviation . A k-point moving range, MRk, can be calculated as MR k = max (xi , . . . , xi + k ) min ( xi , . . . , xi + k ) (15)
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This equation means that, as the mass, angular velocity or distance from the centre of rotation increases, so does the centrifugal force experienced by a particle As the particle passes through the solvent it experiences resistance due to a frictional force, F , operating in the opposite direction; F = f v (7.13)
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Although there are many people without commissions, they aren t listed in the results. For those people, the query evaluates as select * from emp where NOT (NULL) . On the other hand, the query for those people who have commissions that aren t equal to 500 evaluates as select from emp where NOT (false) . In the latter case, the where clause evaluates to true because false is the inverse of true, whereas the former statement evaluates to NULL, which is not true. If you want to get all the people who don t have commissions of 500, you would do it as follows:
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Note You can use the hatch feature to fill in any object with a solid fill, with a great deal more flexibility in the shape of your objects. ( 16 discusses hatching.) As a result, the DONUT command is not as essential as it once was.
In early 1999, customers of the popular online stock trading site ETrade could not place stock trade orders because the trading sites were down. At the same time, there were a few outages at The Charles Schwab Corporation because of operator errors or upgrades. Schwab later announced a plan to invest $70 million in information technology (IT) infrastructure. In June of 1999, eBay had a 22-hour outage that cost the company more than $3 million in credits to customers and about $6 billion (more than 20 percent) in market capitalization. In January of 2001, parts of the site were again down for another 10 hours. In August of 1999, MCI suffered about 10 days of partial outages and later provided 20 days of free service to 3,000 enterprise customers. Three outages at the Web retailer during the busy holiday-shopping season of December 2000 cost Amazon more than $500,000 in sales loss. Denial-of-Service and several virus-induced attacks on Internet servers continue to cause Web site outages. On July 19, 2002, a hacker defaced a page on the U.S. Army Research Laboratory s Web site with a message criticizing the Army s organization for bias to certain nations. Terrorist attacks in Washington, D.C., New York, London, and cities around the world in recent years have destroyed several data centers and offices.
Body weight (g)
ADT Patient HL7 Information Standard Immediate Routing (LAN or WAN)
TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine !
As related in 2, any time you insert media into a computer it can also serve as a source of potential infection. The admonition to screen all incoming files and data applies not just to network or Internet paths, but also to whatever forms of removable media a PC can accommodate. This means everything in this category, including more exotic items like Flash or other memory drives or devices, removable disk drives of all kinds, and tapes or other storage media, as well as floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, and so forth. You already know from 2 that some viruses target boot sectors on removable media and activate only when a PC boots up with infected media in some drive. You also know that viruses can infect many types of files (usually executable ones) on removable media and find fresh fields to conquer when those files are opened or executed on other, uninfected machines. Here again, file screening is an important part of the solution. Indeed, all files should be scanned before they re opened or executed just to make sure they contain no signs of potential trouble. But because of the special nature of boot sector viruses, most anti-virus software takes its scanning capabilities one step further. Each time some removable media is inserted into a computer, the software scans the boot sector before mounting it for read/write access just to make sure it harbors no infections in that area (which is otherwise ignored during normal operations, except when a PC is booting and the BIOS instructs the computer to read boot data from the device that contains that item). If everything checks out, the item will mount and be available to the operating system; if not, it will be blocked from such access to protect the system from potential infection. The real danger occurs when the PC is booting should an unscanned (or untrusted) disk be present in the machine. Modern Windows operating systems as far back as Windows NT don t rely on the BIOS to perform disk access. If Windows can boot, a boot sector virus can t even infect other media since Windows won t access its code as it performs routine disk operations. Thus the period of vulnerability exists only while the PC is booting before ntldr is called to load the operating system, after which the BIOS is no longer involved.
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