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corresponding performance can be assessed. In the base station system (BSS), we have broken the protocol stack to show how the di erent entities may be deployed in the radio access network (RAN). The channel codec unit (CCU) that is, Layer 1 functions is in the base transceiver station (BTS), and the packet control unit (PCU) that is, medium access control (MAC) and radio link control (RLC) functions is deployed in the base station controller (BSC) [1]. The Packet Data Protocol (PDP) context between the 2nd-generation (2G) Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) and the mobile station (MS) is uniquely addressed with a temporary logical link identity (TLLI) and a network layer SAP identi er (NSAPI) pair. The NSAPI and TLLI are used for network layer routing. An NSAPI/TLLI pair is unambiguous within a routing area (RA). The NSAPI identi es the PDP context associated with a PDP address; it is represented by a transaction identi er (TI) in some session management (SM) signalling messages. The MS produces an unused NSAPI any time it requests the activation of a PDP context. The TI is dynamically allocated by the MS for MS-requested PDP context activation, and by the network for network-requested PDP context activation. The TI is deallocated when a PDP context has been deactivated. The TLLI unambiguously identi es the logical link between the MS and SGSN. Within an RA, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and TLLI, which is only known in the MS and SGSN. The TLLI is derived from the packet temporary mobile subscriber identity (PTMSI), which is allocated by the SGSN, and is valid only in the RA associated with the PTMSI. Sub-network Dependent Convergence Protocol (SNDCP) minimises the transfer of redundant control information (e.g., TCP/IP header) and user data between the SGSN and MS through compression techniques. In addition, the SNDCP multiplexes N protocol data units (N-PDUs) from one or several NSAPIs onto one Logical Link Control (LLC) protocol SAP identi er (SAPI). The NSAPI multiplexed onto the same SAPI must use the same radio priority level, QoS tra c handling priority and tra c class. The output of the compression subfunctions are segmented (reassembled) to LLC frames of maximum length (to SNDCP packets) [2].
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[62] V. Rizzoli et al., Pulsed-RF and transient analysis of nonlinear microwave circuits by harmonic balance techniques , IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave Symp. Dig., Boston (MA), June 1991, pp. 607 610. [63] L. Gustafsson, G.H.B. Hansson, K.I. Lundstrom, On the use of describing functions in the study of nonlinear active microwave circuits , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-20, 402 409, 1972. [64] G.L. Heiter, Characterisation of nonlinearities in microwave devices and systems , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-21, 797 805, 1973. [65] R.S. Tucker, Third-order intermodulation distortion and gain compression of GaAs FET s , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-27, 400 408, 1979. [66] G.W. Rhyne, M.B. Steer, B.D. Bates, Frequency domain nonlinear circuit analysis using generalised power series , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., 36, 379 387, 1988. [67] C.-R. Chang, M.B. Steer, G.W. Rhyne, Frequency-domain spectral balance using the arithmetic operator method , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-37, 1681 1688, 1989. [68] M.B. Steer, C.-R. Chang, G.W. Rhyne, Computer-aided analysis of nonlinear microwave circuits using frequency-domain nonlinear analysis techniques: the state of the art , Int. J. Microwave Millimetre-Wave Comput.-Aided Eng., 1(2), 181 200, 1991. [69] T. N rhi, frequency-domain analysis of strongly nonlinear circuits using a consistent largea signal model , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-44, 182 192, 1996. [70] N. Borges deCarvalho, J.C. Pedro, Multitone frequency-domain simulation of nonlinear circuits in large- and small-signal regimes , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-46(12), 2016 2024, 1998. [71] S. Egami, Nonlinear-linear analysis and computer-aided design of resistive mixers , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-22, 270 275, 1974. [72] D.N. Held, A.R. Kerr, Conversion loss and noise of microwave abd``nd millimetre-wave mixers: part 1 - theory , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-26, 49 55, 1978. [73] A.R. Kerr, Noise and loss in balanced and subharmonically pumped mixers: part 1 - theory , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-27, 938 943, 1979. [74] S.A. Maas, Theory and analysis of GaAs mixers , IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., MTT-32, 1402 1406, 1984.
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Appendix A: Solutions to Exercises
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Analysing information is a separate discipline in itself and there are many quantitative methods that will help in making sense of information, highlighting trends as well as anomalies. Furthermore, the process of reviewing and analysing information is invariably the starting point or solving the problem o r finding the best decision. T h e review process not only enables possible options t o emerge, but can be used to scrutinise them and rate their effectiveness. There are many rules and standards that should be employed t o ensure that analysis of information is rigorous, although the guiding principle when analysing information for decision making is to maintain objectivity. Objectivity will help t o ensure that the decision is fair, logical and practical, and this is particularly important for complex decisions. However, using information t o justify a predetermined course of action is largely a waste of time. If you have already decided and made up your mind, it is surely better t o spend your energies taking action than to look for some justification that may or may not exist. Challenging the information - asking why something is the way it appears is a further important step in analysing the information, formulating ideas, removing assumptions and generating practical, workable solutions. I n addition t o quantitative and statistical analysis, scenario planning, modelling and simulation are useful techniques that generate information for decision making by trying out different options. The key is t o try t o create the most realistic set of circumstances possible, perhaps by trial and error, and take account of as many variables as possible.
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You can use aliases transparently if the command itself can be used transparently. Aliases cannot be used in script files or menus. Note that you cannot use control or function keys in command aliases in the PGP file.
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Aetiology of human obesity
273.1 138.1
2.3 Simulation Results
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FIGURE 8-8: Memory modules on a video adaptor.
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