Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Figure 13-14: The addition of text using a new text style.
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needs of protocols used at the Session layer. These are only recommendations or guidelines, and strict adherence is not upheld.3 De ned in this standard are recommendations for the implementation for the following functions: Connection-oriented mode services Connectionless-mode services The main thing to remember about this standard is that it de nes the way the Transport layer interoperates with the other OSI layers it works with.
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xml_set_character_data_handler( $parser, characterDataHandler );
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After you import the EPS graphic, it appears inside a box which Photoshop calls a bounding box with a great big X across it. You can move, scale, and rotate the illustration into position before rasterizing it to pixels. Drag a corner handle to resize the image; drag outside the image to rotate it. You can also nudge the graphic into position by pressing the arrow keys. When everything is the way you want it, press Enter or double-click inside the box to rasterize the illustration. If the placement isn t perfect, not to worry. The graphic appears on a separate layer, so you can move it with complete freedom. To cancel the Place operation, press Escape instead of Enter.
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Figure 9-1: The Wireless Network icon in the system tray provides direct access to your connection status dialog box.
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Interferogram Eye or imaging system Collimator Monochromatic point light source Surface under test
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Troubleshooting Connectivity
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(0) = Ak, at, has software libraries, links, and articles on various CAD-related topics. The Web has many, many more AutoCAD sites, but most of them are more specialized. Table B-1 lists some useful sites. If you don t have this list when you access the Internet, just type AutoCAD into any major search engine. One Web site will lead to another until you find what you need. Enjoy!
8: The Upper Layers 9: The Transport Layer 10: The Network Layer 11: The Data Link Layer
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Figure 4-18: The Snap and Grid tab of the Drafting Settings dialog box.
Part III Working with Data
6. The command repeats the Specify a second extension line origin or [Undo/ Select] <Select>: prompt. Pick the endpoint at 2 in Figure 14-12 to place the dimension. Press Enter twice to end the command. 7. Choose Linear from the Dimension toolbar. Follow the prompts:
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