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You may have a very large drawing that is slow and cumbersome to work with when it is completely loaded. For example, if you have a surveyor s drawing of an entire county, but you need to work only with one plat, you can open a named view containing only that plat. This feature is not available in AutoCAD LT. To partially open a drawing from within AutoCAD, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Open to open the Select File dialog box. 2. Choose a drawing and then click the Open button s drop-down box. Choose Partial Open to open the Partial Open dialog box, shown in Figure 8-10.
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Adapt Blueprint(p): swapping and shifting material.
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of (9.14). Letting hn = (b a)/n for n 1, we have
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Unlike in previous versions of Photoshop, any open profiled image remains in its working space regardless of how you change the settings in the Color Settings dialog box. Suppose that you open an image in sRGB and then change the working space to Adobe RGB. The open image remains unchanged on screen, safe in its sRGB space. If you d prefer the image to change to the new space, choose Image Mode Assign Profile. Then select the Working RGB radio button, as shown in Figure 16-10. Because Assign Profile leaves the color values of all pixels unchanged, Photoshop merely displays the old pixels in the new space, which permits the colors to shift on screen. So perhaps perversely, not converting pixels results in a visible color shift, whereas converting pixels would not.
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Ability to deliver, skills, quality of equipment Accreditation Alternate suppliers, sub-contractors Availability Claims, variations Commercial terms Control and supervision Cost of goods and services provided Delivery of goods and services provided Failure of critical supplier, sub-contractor Flow-on conditions from prime contract Lead times for orders Limited number of suppliers or producers New or existing sub-contract Overseas vs. local sub-contractors Quality of goods and services provided Reliability of supplier Safety attitude Special conditions Stability of joint ventures, partnerships Timeliness Transferability of warranties and guarantees Warranty of goods and services provided
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Storing font sets in the Site Window
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20: Writing High-Quality Code
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In the open ocean, the tidal effect is very small, with a daily rise and fall of sea level due to gravity of approximately only 0.3 metre or 1 foot. However, where the proximity of land channels the tidal bulge, the rise and fall is increased and values of up to 15 metres (nearly 50 feet) are seen in some parts of the world. The Mediterranean and other inland seas and Great Lakes are considered to be tide free although there is a small tidal effect. Trieste, in the Mediterranean, for instance, has a spring tidal range of just over a metre, whereas other parts of the Med have ranges of only 0.3 metre (1 foot). Spring Tides When the Earth, Sun and Moon are on the same axis, the gravitational effects are at maximum and the tidal bulge is largest. As the Earth spins within the bulge, the sea level rises as the bulge approaches, reaches a maximum and then falls to a minimum about 6 hours later. The difference between the height of the high water and the height of low water, the range, is a maximum and this is known as a spring tide and occurs twice a month.
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multiple sites where PACS data can be transferred. Figure 14.17 shows one implementation where three separate sites are connected. The primary site is a community hospital, the secondary site is a nearby academic hospital, and the third site is where the backup clinical images are achieved, IPI (Imaging Processing and Informatics Laboratory at USC). Because the PACS at each site could be different, the types of network connections could vary between sites. Also it is important for each of the three sites to have an internal wireless network (for wireless PDA application) as well as an internal high-speed LAN (local area network) for its own PACS operation. Once all the key building blocks were implemented, a disaster management tool can be designed and evaluated by creating disaster scenario drills. This is an important step not only to evaluate the success of the overall application but also to ne-tune any components or network connectivity issues. So a disaster scenario is created rst and then the drills are designed accordingly. Assuming that all the building blocks are in place, the following is the supposed disaster: Primary site encountered an earthquake that crippled the site s PACS operation. The clinical PACS archive was destroyed. Patients were transferred to the nearby secondary site. Historical PACS exams from the primary site were needed at this secondary site. 5. Physicians and/or radiology needed to view PACS exam immediately at the secondary site. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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PACS Server (Archive) Back up Computer
Extra Reading Photoshop 6 for Windows Bible
You can also edit polylines in the Properties palette. Double-click a polyline, and the Properties palette opens. You can choose a vertex by clicking Vertex in the Geometry section of the dialog box. An X appears on the polyline to let you know which vertex you ve chosen. You can then edit the vertex s coordinates by typing them in, or by clicking the Pick a Point button that appears and then picking a point in the drawing. You can change the start and ending width and specify a global width for the entire polyline. You can close and open a polyline in the Misc section. You can also turn on continuous linetype generation for the selected polyline by choosing Linetype generation and then choosing Enabled from the drop-down list that appears. Of course, you can also change the layer, color, linetype, lineweight, and linetype scale. You can paint polyline properties from one polyline to another, using the MATCHPROP command. Select a polyline, choose Match Properties on the Standard toolbar, and then select the polyline that you want to edit.
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