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Lilley [7]. The discussion here is limited primarily to the uid dynamics aspects and aimed at alternative fuels with different physical and chemical properties than conventional fossil fuels. Here, the following three ow domains are of particular importance and can be distinguished in any multiphase combustion system: ow elds connected with injection of fuel and air, ow regions dominated by free convection currents located far away from burners, and ow along the cooled walls of the combustion zone. Extensive reviews of the application of the classical turbulent combustion modeling methods have been presented for fossil fuels. For alternative fuels, it has been pointed out that there are major differences in the combustion of coal-derived liquids and shale oil in gas turbine combustors. Texts include Bartok and Saro m [10] and Keating [11].
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MATLAB commands may then be entered and executed interactively. If you wish to work with commands in M- les (discussed further below), then having two cmdtool windows open to the same working directory is usually desirable. One window would be used to run MATLAB, and the other would be used
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FIGURE 5.64 Measured (a) input impedance and (b) axial ratio of the antenna shown in Figure 5.63; r = 4.4, h = 1.6 mm, D = 32 mm, = 30 mm, s = 8.5 mm, t = 27 mm, w t = 0.8 mm, and w f = 3.0 mm. (From Ref. 19, C 1998 IEE, reprinted with permission.)
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When the mask is active, you can likewise toggle the display of the image by pressing the tilde (~) key. Few folks know about this shortcut, but it s a good one to assign to memory. It works whether the Channels palette is open or not, and it permits you to focus on the mask without moving your mouse all over the screen. Using a mask channel is different from using the quick mask mode in that you can edit either the image or the mask channel when viewing the two together. You can even edit two or more masks at once. To specify which channel you want to edit, click the channel name in the palette. To edit two channels at once, click one and Shift-click another. All active channel names appear highlighted. You can change the color and opacity of each mask independently of other mask channels and the quick mask mode. Double-click the mask channel name or choose the Channel Options command from the Channels palette menu. (This command is dimmed when editing a standard color channel, such as Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Black.) A dialog box similar to the one shown back in Figure 9-11 appears, but this one contains a Name option box so you can change the name of the mask channel. You can then edit the color overlay as described in the Changing the red coating section earlier in this chapter.
The sheet set feature is available in AutoCAD only.
Figure 4-24: A captured Web site converted to PDF displays the Web server name as a normal bookmark at the top of the list. All bookmarks below the server name are structured bookmarks linked to the converted pages. The bookmark names refer to HTML filenames, PDF document names, and URLs.
After taking inventory of your analog world you also need to take a look at what digital media and devices you have available. Much of it may currently be on your PC or in the form of media delivered from the Internet or converted from your analog sources. Audio CD Players: Your PC plays CDs and it plays just about every other audio format possible. That makes it a better device overall than a dedicated CD player in your entertainment system. If you have a CD player that can play MP3 les, it will be more useful in the near-term. Because your computer has a CD-ROM drive that can play audio CDs and
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