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Another way to terminate the current process is by raising the SystemExit exception (which is what sys.exit does anyway). You can cause the process to terminate abnormally by calling os.abort(), causing it to receive a SIGABRT signal. The atexit module provides a way for you to register cleanup functions for Python to call when the interpreter is shutting down normally. You can register multiple functions, and Python calls them in the reverse order of how you registered them. Use atexit.register(func [, args]) to register each function, where args are any arguments (normal or keyword) that you want sent to the function:
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Selected ecopro le information for production of PP resin and oriented PP lm, packaged for shipment, is shown in Table 4.6. The lm data is a weighted average of blown lm and cast, tenter-frame oriented lm. Production of the resin uses 73.66% of the total energy required (Fig. 4.14). Production of 1.2% contaminated scrap that must be disposed of is incorporated into the calculations [29]. Table 4.7 presents selected ecopro le information for production of bottlegrade PET resin, PET injection stretch blow-molded bottles, and PET lm, packed
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File Transfer Protocol
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Frameset Inspector set BorderSize to 0 (border= 0 framespacing= 0 ) and Border Frame to No (frameborder= no ).
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Antenna 1 pilot pattern
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DICOM conformance PS 3.2 1996 is Part 2 of the DICOM document instructing manufacturers how to conform their devices to the DICOM standard. In a conformance statement the manufacturer describes exactly how the device or its associate software conforms to the standard. A conformance statement does not mean that this device follows every detail required by DICOM; it only means that this device follows a certain subset of DICOM. The extent of the subset is described in the conformance statement. For example, a laser lm digitizer needs only to conform to the minimum requirements for the digitized images to be in the DICOM format, but the digitizer should be a service class user to send the formatted images to a second device like a magnetic disk, which is a DICOM service class provider. Thus, if a manufacturer claims that its imaging device is DICOM conformant, it means that any system integrator who follows this manufacturer s conformance document will be able to interface this device with his/her DICOM-compliant components. In general, the contents of the conformance statement include (quoted from DICOM 2003):
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Part VI: Securing Your Home Network
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Tip To enter the same text in multiple cells, select the cells. Then open the Properties palette and enter the text in the Contents item. The text appears in all of the selected cells.
Hour in day (1~24) Hour in A.M./P.M. (0~11) Time zone Escape for text Single quote
Resource limits
>>> import zlib >>> longString = 100 * That zlib module sure is fun! >>> compressed = zlib.compress(longString) >>> len(longString); len(compressed) 2900 62 @code:# Yay, zlib! >>> zlib.decompress(compressed)[:40] That zlib module sure is fun!That zlib m
choice of booting Linux or Windows when you turn it on. This is known as dual booting, and is discussed extensively in 8. Dual booting is a great alternative to standalone Linux systems if you have to depend on certain Windows applications but still want to explore the power and freedom that Linux systems provide. An alternative to dual booting is to run a package such as VMWare ( that lets you run Windows within a virtual machine on your Linux system, but this costs money. Solutions such as Codeweavers CrossOver Office ( and Win4Lin ( provide software for running Windows applications directly on Linux systems without requiring a complete Windows installation as VMWare does. Live CDs are the best alternative if you simply want to experiment with Linux without reconfiguring your existing computer system. Live CDs are a great way of experimenting with different Linux distributions until you find the one that s right for you and without spending a lot of time installing and configuring each test distribution along the way. Live CD versions of many Linux distributions are available, most notably Ubuntu and SUSE Linux.
Draws lines connecting the points (x1,y1) through (xn,yn), in order. The lines are normally straight; set the smooth option to true to draw smooth lines. Similar to create_line. Fills the area spanned by the lines with the color supplied for the fill option (by default, transparent ). Pass a color for the outline option to control the line color. Set the smooth option to true to draw smooth lines. Draw the specified image on the canvas at The image option can be either a PhotoImage instance or the name of a previously created PhotoImage. The anchor option, which defaults to CENTER, specifies which portion of the image lies at (x,y). Draw an oval inside the rectangle defined by the points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). Pass a color in the outline option to control the outline s color. Pass a color in the fill option to fill the oval with that color. You can control the outline s width (in pixels) with the width option. Draw a rectangle. The fill, outline, and width options have the same effect as for create_oval. Draw the specified text on the canvas. Uses the supplied font, if any.
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