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Optical Shop Testing, Third Edition Edited by Daniel Malacara Copyright # 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 361
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Network Hardware and Transmission Media
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Accessing Properties
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The Time-course of Adaptation
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Part IV Drawing in Three Dimensions
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Mixer Wiring Setup
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The High-Availability Continuum
traffic that conforms to these parameters. Enforcement of the traffic contract is optional at the private UNI. The public network is expected to monitor the offered load and enforce the traffic contract. As shown in Figure A.21, an ATM cell has a 5-byte header field and a 48-byte information field. There are two types of cell headers, one for UNI and one for the network-to-network interface NNI.. The UNI cell header contains the following fields: 4 bits generic flow control GFC., 8 bits virtual path identifier VPI., 16 bits virtual channel identifier VCI., 3 bits payload type identifier PTI., 1 bit cell loss priority CLP., and 8 bits header error control HEC.. The NNI cell header does not have the GFC field, and its VPI field is 12 bits as opposed to 8 bits in the UNI cell header. GFC can be used to provide local functions e.g., flow control. on the customer site. It has local significance only; the value encoded in the field is not carried from end to end and will be overwritten by the ATM switches.
Simple risk reviews
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