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33 Customizing Menus
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Holy days and festive seasons Prayer periods Fasting Births, deaths and marriages
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Imaging Modalities
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OSI Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data Link Physical
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Figure A-3: Raising the Scale value to reflect the sum of the values in the matrix maintains the color balance of the image.
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Figure 16-14
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Use the get(section, option[, raw[, vars]]) method to retrieve the value of an option in a given section. If raw is 1, no variable evaluation takes place. You can optionally pass in a dictionary of key-value pairs that get uses in the variable evaluation:
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The usual order for module elements is: Docstring and/or general comments (revision log or copyright information, and so on) Import statements (see below for more information on importing modules)
are not available. An interpolating algorithm must be used to allow for the convolution to be computed, introducing an additional computational overhead and additional error (Figure 1.7). The assumption of an impulse response limited in time requires some comments. An impulse response of in nite duration corresponds to an in nite bandwidth of the frequency-domain admittance. The latter however is usually known only within a limited frequency band, both in the case of experimental data and in the case of numerical modelling. A truncated frequency-domain admittance produces a non-causal impulse response when the inverse Fourier transform (eq. (1.33)) is applied (Figure 1.8). As an alternative, the frequency-domain admittance can be windowed by means, for example, of a low-pass lter, forcing the admittance to (almost) zero just before the limiting frequency fm ; however, this usually produces a severe distortion in phase, so that the accuracy will be unacceptably affected. An alternative approach is to consider the impulse response as a discrete function of time, with nite duration in time. From the scheme in Appendix A.2, the corresponding spectrum is periodic in the frequency domain. Therefore, the admittance must be extended periodically in the frequency domain (Figure 1.9).
Note If you want to insert the objects and the attributes as a file instead of as a block, you don t need to create a block at all. Create a drawing that contains just the objects and its attributes. Use the BASE command to change the base point of the drawing (usually 0,0) to the desired insertion point of the block. Then save the drawing. When you insert the drawing, you are prompted for the attributes, as usual. Use this technique for blocks and attributes that you use for more than one drawing, such as a title block.
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