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foreach ( $array as $key => $value ) { // (do something with $key and/or $value here } // (rest of script here)
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Another useful probe of cosmology is the source counts of objects (usually classes of galaxy in practical applications). Suppose sources are unifonnly distributed in the Universe, with a number density n(t) ex l/a 3 that decreases with the expansion of the Universe. To compute the number of sources as a function of radius, we need the full volume element from the metric, which is the physical volume in an infinitesimal cube of sides dr. dB and d . dV=
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Once you have your stations tuned and presets selected, you can begin listening to FM radio. Moving to presets is really easy. Table 14-1 shows the quickest ways to move to presets using each input method.
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Even a small period of downtime has a severe impact on profit and public perception. However, if you compare the cost of downtime to that of protecting your data, the cost of data protection does not seem expensive. Table 38-1 shows some broad and varied causes of disaster. Some of these may be a familiar concern. If so, you need a DR plan for your computing site. The familiar disaster causes are the ones you would like to protect against, and they would be a factor when designing your DR plan.
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2. Existing divisions of planning problems into subproblems (which a human planner has learned by experience) can be reused in algorithmic design. 3. Algorithms for subtasks can be used automatically in a sequence. If an algorithm is available for each subtask in a task, then they can be executed in one step (the push the button and get a plan approach). 4. Algorithms for subtasks can be used interactively in a sequence. Instead of automatically executing the algorithms for a sequence of subtasks, they can be executed semiautomatically by providing the planner with a way to (manually) interfere after the execution of each algorithm. 5. Algorithms can be applied under conditions chosen by the planner. For example, a production planner might want to let the computer plan production orders automatically, except when the capacity usage exceeds 90%. 6. Designing algorithms for subtasks is less complex than for whole tasks. 7. Different planners use different task strategies; that is, they perform subtasks in different sequences (Mietus, 1994). Algorithms can be executed in various sequences and can therefore be used in different task strategies. There are several issues that need attention when designing task-oriented algorithmic support. First, the paradigm suffers from the paradox of task support (van Wezel, 2001). Computer support changes the tasks of the planner. Whenever tasks change, the support should also be changed. Changing the support results again in changes in the tasks, and so on. Second, evaluation of the algorithms cannot be limited to the issue of performance (solution quality versus CPU time), but needs to include the perceived support to the whole planning task as well. Third, task analyses take much time, and it is yet unknown to what extent the results of such analyses can be generalized. At the Netherlands Railways, we were presented with a rather unique research opportunity. In most companies, only one or two planners work on the same speci c planning problem. In the Netherlands Railways, about 130 shunting planners work on similar problems for different stations. This increases the probability that the results of the task analyses can be generalized to and used by many planners, and it therefore justi es the time that must be invested in task analyses and task support systems. The next section describes the problem-solving task that a shunting planner at the Netherlands Railways faces each day.
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QCD is our most perfect physical theory.
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Managing and Maintaining the Network
Figure 13-17: Use the Background Mask dialog box to create a background around your text so that other objects do not obscure the text.
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T h e pace of business activity and change is rapidly accelerating, and the need to be flexible, adaptive, customer focused and innovative is at a premium. Competition in all its forms is intensifying. Managing and leveraging knowledge is a key skill - and knowledge is a key strategic resource that needs t o be nurtured and developed. Companies are transforming themselves into extended enterprises in order t o add value for their customers. They are re-evaluating factors as fundamental a s their objectives, markets and competencies. T h e Internet is increasing interactivity among people, companies and industries.
Adding an image to a Web page is easy with GoLive. No matter where you want to place your image, inline with text, into a table, onto a grid, or into a floating box, you can place it there simply by dragging it. You can drag an image from the Site Window or from its preview in the Content tab of the Inspector. When you drag an image into place, any text or object(s) to its right and below it are moved further right and/or down to accommodate the graphic. Once on the page, you can change the image s alignment attributes in the Basic tab of the Inspector and also change the space surrounding the image (HSpace and VSpace) in the More tab of the Inspector. Each of these attributes affects how text and other objects appear in relation to this image. When you drag an image into a table cell, floating box, or grid, each of these structures grows to accommodate the size of the graphic.
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