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Rogue/Suspect Clearinghouse(p) Check for updates Anti-spyware SpywareGuide Clearinghouse Maintains comprehensive spyware list
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1. Open ab24-g.dwg from the CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab24-10.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. You see a bushing, in 2D and 3D, as shown in Figure 24-32. The 3D bushing has been exploded into simple geometry otherwise, you wouldn t be able to use it to extend the 2D lines.
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You cannot place a grid next to a table. That is, you can t do so directly on a page. But you can achieve a similar effect by placing a grid within any cell in a table. You cannot start a line with text, and then add a grid to that line, or type text after a grid on the same line. However, no reason really exists for wanting to do this because you can put your text on the grid instead, and gain full control over its placement. However, you can do one of the following with grids: Place one grid beneath another. You might do this if some of your material spans the entire width of a page (or much of it) and other material above or below only spans a narrow area. You might also do this if some material needs to be on one side while other stuff should be on the other. In that case, one grid can be left-aligned and the other right-aligned. Place a grid within a table cell. The common scenario for this is when certain graphics (such as buttons) need to remain tightly grouped. Those graphics are placed in one table cell, while the grid is placed in another cell, enabling items to be freely placed within the gridded cell s area. For example, you might create a two-column table with no visible borders and then place a navigation bar in the left column and a grid in the right. Figure 7-1 shows an example of this. (You can also find the live version of Figure 7-1 at
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The file /etc/nsswitch.conf is a text file that defines the order in which your system should look for various system-level information. The name of this file stands for name service switch, where name service is the general term for any identifier that is important to the system, whether it is a username, group name, host name, network name, and so on. A sample /etc/nsswitch.conf file from a SUSE Linux system is shown following:
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although responsibility for eventual inaccuracies must be ascribed only to the authors. To all these people goes our warm gratitude. Authors wives and families are also acknowledged for patiently tolerating the extra work connected with writing a book. Franco Giannini Giorgio Leuzzi
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The storeInfo() function looks for the user info fields, firstName and location, in the $_POST array. For each field, if it is found then a corresponding cookie is sent to the browser to store the field value. Each cookie is given an expiry time of one year from today. Finally, the function sets a Location: header to cause the browser to reload the remember_me.php script. Note that this reloading will cause the browser to send the recently created cookies back to the script:
Although attached to the table, in every other way a caption is just like other text. You can do anything to a caption that you can do to other text. Actually, you can even add graphics to a caption area. To add a caption to your table, follow these steps: 1. Select the table. 2. In the Table tab of the Table Inspector, check the Caption option. (Open the Inspector if it s not already open.) A black outline appears around your table. This outline includes extra space at the top of your table, running across the entire table width, as shown in Figure 13-21.
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