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If you have more than two Actions, you won t be able to see them all at once, so resize the length of the list. Move your mouse over the double divider line below the Event list until the arrow becomes a double-header pointer, and then drag.
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Drag-and-drop is easy to use. It s a helpful tool if you aren t sure where the file that you want is located because it s easier to navigate with Windows Explorer than from the Select Drawing File dialog box. You can also drag an object from one drawing to another. First open both drawings. It helps to be able to see them both at once. Choose Window Tile Vertically to see them side-by-side. Select the object or objects that you want to copy. Now click the object or objects again, and hold down the mouse button until the cursor displays a small rectangle. Then drag the object(s) to the other drawing.
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1. Open ab14-h.dwg from your CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab14-09.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. This is a cross-section of a valve part, as shown in Figure 14-37. If the Dimension toolbar isn t visible, right-click any toolbar and choose Dimension.
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SELECT greatest(deptno,21) FROM dept
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The features and properties available vary from parser to parser.
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The same procedure can be carried out starting at any point in the lattice, and so the dispersion function can be computed everywhere. Alternatively, having found the dispersion function and its derivative at a particular starting point, this solution can be propagated forward using either the differential equation or the matrices describing individual elements. In simple situations, the dispersion function will be everywhere positive; that is, orbits of higher momenta than the design orbit are at larger radius. The difference in perimeter between off-momentum orbits and the design orbit is characterized by the cumpucriun factor, which is unfortunately designated by the overworked symbol a and is defined by the relation
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9.1. INTRODUCTION Since its discovery and application to the testing of optical surfaces, the Ronchi test has been used widely either in a qualitative or in a quantitative way. Also, because it is simple to accomplish and easy to interpret the experimental observations, the Ronchi test has almost always been conceptually interpreted from the point of view of geometrical optics. Sections 9.2 and 9.5 re ect this point of view. However, the author believed that a more comprehensive presentation of the two aspects of the Ronchi test would provide a fuller view of the subject. These two aspects are (a) the need for a quantitative analysis of the data and (b) the development of the test from the point of view of the principles of physical optics and a comparison to the geometrical approach (Toraldo di Francia, 1941a). Sections 9.3 and 9.4 are devoted to these areas of study, respectively, and the need for mathematical treatment in these two sections was unavoidable. Perhaps some readers would like to skip these two sections (as can be done without losing continuity); others seeking a more comprehensive treatment of the test will nd this material interesting. Section 9.6 is a brief review of some tests that can be related to the classical Ronchi test in various ways. With respect to the previous editions of this book, in the present one, the author has added some corrections to the original equations, gures, and additional applications and new references have been included. 9.1.1. Historical Introduction The Ronchi test is one of the simplest and most powerful methods to evaluate and measure the aberrations of an optical system. The Italian physicist Ronchi (1923a) discovered that when a ruling was placed near the center of curvature of a mirror, the image of the grating was superimposed on the grating itself, producing a kind of Moire pattern that he called combination fringes. Since the shape of these combination fringes depended on the aberrations of the mirror, he immediately thought of
For example, for the rst constraint we have an opposite one: OPL . forall (t in ToTrains) sum(trs in ToTrainTrack:trs.TrainNr t) ShuntBack[trs] 1;
network authentication services that synchronize user passwords with each service they are RANDOM BONUS DEFINITION permitted to use on the network. network access server (NAS) A gateway If access privileges need to be device that protects access to a protected tailored for each separate user, it network resource. An additional de nition would become a logistical nightof NAS is network attached storage, mare to maintain for a network network-enabled mass storage devices (e.g., administrator. So a hierarchical hard disks) either singularly or in arrays, that provide increased data reliability approach is used to determine through redundancy. the privileges a user is allowed. Figure 14-3 illustrates a possible hierarchical map. In this gure, users assigned to particular tasks within the organization are placed in groups, with those groups having set privileges for access to certain
5 Producing a Podcast with Gear You Own Today
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