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Figure 19.13 (Continued )
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Fitting the Mouse
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PCI WLAN adapters present one other major inconvenience. To install them, you most open the computer case, and most PC users don t like doing anything of the kind. Still, if this is your only choice, here are the steps to take. 1. Open the case. First, turn off the PC and remove the power cord from the case. If you can find the manual that came with your PC, it probably has the instructions you need for getting the case open. If, like the vast majority of people, you tossed it into a pile or put it somewhere you were sure would mean something later on, and therefore have no hope whatsoever of locating it, opening the case is usually fairly easy (but not always). Most cases have two side covers, held in place by screws or a thumb screw. After loosening the screws, slide the cover toward the rear of the computer until it detaches from the main structure of the case. Other cases demand that you remove the front plastic panel of the computer, which you can do either by lifting from the bottom (you ll find a kind of fingerhold at the base of the panel), or by prying the panel away from the main case using a screwdriver or butter knife. Once the panel has been removed, slide the side cover, or more frequently the single-piece top and sides of the case, toward the front (which is why you have to remove the front panel) until you ve freed it from the rest of the case. 2. Locate the PCI slots. With the PC case open, look inside. You should see the motherboard, a large rectangular circuit board with various cables attached (one to the power supply and others to your hard drives). Figure 2-5 illustrates a typical motherboard layout, complete with its PCI slots (although yours aren t all likely to be empty). If you have a tower-style case (one in which the PC stands up rather than lying flat on your desk), lay it on its side so that the motherboard is parallel to the floor. Along the side where the external cords attach to the PC (your monitor cable, Ethernet cable, the phone cords to your modem), you ll find a row of long, narrow slots into which you can slide peripheral cards. Today s PCs typically have one AGP slot, usually occupied by the graphics card and five to eight PCI slots, many of which are also occupied. In fact, you might very well find only one PCI slot available for use.
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As with changing the width of frame borders, this setting is made within the Frameset Inspector, rather than the Frame Inspector, because it changes the appearance of the
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The Data Link Layer
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< php $myImage = imagecreatefromjpeg( lucky.jpg ); $myCopyright = imagecreatefrompng( copyright.png ); $destWidth = imagesx( $myImage ); $destHeight = imagesy( $myImage ); $srcWidth = imagesx( $myCopyright ); $srcHeight = imagesy( $myCopyright ); $destX = ($destWidth - $srcWidth) / 2; $destY = ($destHeight - $srcHeight) / 2; imagecopy( $myImage, $myCopyright, $destX, $destY, 0, 0, $srcWidth, $srcHeight ); header( Content-type: image/jpeg ); imagejpeg( $myImage ); imagedestroy( $myImage ); imagedestroy( $myCopyright ); >
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Hamming tapering
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# Let the user select a font size: SizeFrame=Tkinter.Frame(self) Tkinter.Radiobutton(SizeFrame,text= Small ,variable=self.FontSize, value=12).pack(side=Tkinter.LEFT) Tkinter.Radiobutton(SizeFrame,text= Medium ,variable=self.FontSize, value=24).pack(side=Tkinter.LEFT) Tkinter.Radiobutton(SizeFrame,text= Large ,variable=self.FontSize, value=48).pack(side=Tkinter.LEFT) SizeFrame.pack() # Let the user turn Bold and Underline on and off: StyleFrame=Tkinter.Frame(self) Tkinter.Checkbutton(StyleFrame,text= Bold ,variable=\ self.BoldFlag).pack(side=Tkinter.LEFT) Tkinter.Checkbutton(StyleFrame,text= Underline ,variable=\ self.UnderlineFlag).pack(side=Tkinter.LEFT) StyleFrame.pack() # Add a button to repaint the text: GoFrame=Tkinter.Frame(self) Tkinter.Button(GoFrame,text= Go! ,command=self.PaintText).pack() GoFrame.pack(anchor=Tkinter.W,fill=Tkinter.X) # Add a canvas to display the text: self.TextCanvas=Tkinter.Canvas(self,height=100,width=300) self.TextCanvas.pack(side=Tkinter.BOTTOM) # Pack parent-most widget last: self.pack() def PaintText(self): # Erase the old text, if any: if (self.TextItem!=None): self.TextCanvas.delete(self.TextItem) # Set font weight: if (self.BoldFlag.get()): FontWeight=tkFont.BOLD else: FontWeight=tkFont.NORMAL # Create and configure a Font object. # (Use tkFont.families(self) to get a list of available font-families) TextFont=tkFont.Font(self, Courier ) TextFont.configure(size=self.FontSize.get(), underline=self.UnderlineFlag.get(), weight=FontWeight) self.TextItem=self.TextCanvas.create_text(5,5,anchor=Tkinter.NW, text=self.Text.get(),fill=self.ColorName.get(),font=TextFont) if (__name__== __main__ ): App=MainWindow() App.mainloop()
Before attempting to apply conventional database design techniques, the designer must understand the applicability and the limitations of those techniques. Figure 3-7 shows the relationship among the levels of the architecture and the two types of models for the information systems environment process models and data models. The process model applies only to the operational environment. The data model applies to both the operational environment and the data warehouse environment. Trying to use a process or data model in the wrong place produces nothing but frustration.
10.2.1 QoS optimisation in GPRS radio access networks
Ping the specified host until stopped. To see statistics and continue - type Control-Break; To stop - type Control-C. Resolve addresses to hostnames. Number of echo requests to send. Send buffer size. Set Don t Fragment flag in packet. Time To Live. Type Of Service. Record route for count hops. Timestamp for count hops. Loose source route along host-list. Strict source route along host-list. Timeout in milliseconds to wait for each reply.
For each row, the script displays the values of three fields username, firstName, and lastName for the current member in individual table cells. For each cell, the Member object s getValueEncoded() method is called to retrieve the appropriate field value with any special XHTML characters encoded. In addition, the values in the username cells are linked to the view_member.php script (which you create in a moment), passing in the ID of the member whose details should be displayed.
115In(n,n,c)115mIn 54Fe(n,p)56Mn 58Ni(n,p)58Co 27Al(n,p)27Mg 64Zn(n,p)64Cu 56Fe(n,p)56Mn 59Co(n,a)56Mn 24Mg(n,p)24Na 27Al(n,a)27Mg 197Au(n,2n)196Au 19F(n,2n)18F 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni
Figure 21-21: Turning text into a link that triggers an action. This one opens a URL when clicked.
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