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Action handlers handle XSQL actions. In the case of the built-in actions, XSQL implicitly relates a given action to an action handler. When the built-in actions don t provide you with the functionality that you desire, you can create your own custom action handlers. The architecture of action handlers is diagrammed in Figure 4.6. The XSQL page processor knows about the built-in action handlers; for the custom action handlers, you either specify the name of the class in the XSQL page or cite it by a nickname given in the XSQLConfig.xml file. In Figure 4.6, the some-page.xsql has three actions, including the xsql:query action that you ve seen used in the code examples so far. The XSQL page processor handles that action with the built-in action handler called the XSQL query handler. There is a built-in action handler for each action discussed in the next chapter. The two custom action handler classes handle the two custom actions and are loaded into the JVM. A custom action handler can do whatever you want. In 18 you ll learn more about programming custom action handlers.
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Corrective filters
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10.4.1. De ning Degradation
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The class of mesh part and eld-induced subspaces ( XMk , Xfj , and XFl ) de ne course-grained substructuring of the domain space. The class of mesh entity subspaces Xmi de ne a ne-grained partitioning of the domain space. It is assumed that the range space Y has subspaces similar to those de ned for the domain space. However, instead of an association with a set of elds fj , there exists a similar association with a set of equations ej . For example, a system of equations A is de ned to solve a set of N partial differential equations (PDEs) for M elds. Each mesh entity mi : Ymi {yi (mi , e )} , Each mesh part Mk : YMk Ymi ,
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def LogThreadMessage(LogFile,Message): LogFileLock.acquire(1) try: LogFile.write(`thread.get_ident()`+Message+ \n ) finally: # If we do not release the lock, then another thread # might wait forever to acquire it: LogFileLock.release()
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When reviewing running processes in Task Manager, notice that their image names are often fairly cryptic, for example svchost.exe. This can make it very difficult to determine whether a running process is a legitimate process, or something that represents a security risk like malware or a Trojan Horse. When in doubt about the purpose of a process, fire up your Web browser and head to The Web site allows you to search for Windows processes by name in a quest to determine the real deal behind unfriendly process image names.
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Part III: A Detailed Case Study getting bar code 128 string
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To access a POP3 mail account, you construct a POP3 object. The POP3 object offers various methods to send and retrieve mail. It raises the exception poplib.error_proto if it encounters problems. See RFC 1939 for the full POP3 protocol. Many of its methods return output as a 3-tuple: a server response string, response lines (as a list), and total response length (in bytes). In general, you can access the second tuple element and ignore the others.
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In a large, complex drawing with a lot of text, you may have difficulty finding specific text that you need to edit. The FIND command lets you find and replace text anywhere in your drawing not only single-line text and multiline text but also text in tables, block attributes, dimensions, hyperlink descriptions, and hyperlinks. To use the FIND command, choose Edit Find to open the Find and Replace dialog box, as shown in Figure 13-30. Figure 13-30: The Find and Replace dialog box finds text anywhere in your drawing.
RIS IDX System (B)
The quantum cellular automata (QCA) provides an interconnectless method of information exchange and computation. QCA has received a lot of attention of late. The basic concept relies on four (or ve) quantum dots being produced with only two electrons in the system (see Fig. 6.9). The Coulomb repulsion of the electrons forces them to occupy diagonally opposite sites and, therefore, the arrangement dictates whether the cell is in a 1 or 0 state. As long as the electrons are forced to remain in this cell, then other cells can be placed beside the rst cell. If a eld is applied to change the arrangement of the electrons in the rst cell, then this information is passed to neighbor cells and, therefore, is transported through the system. By appropriate arrangements, logic calculations can also be achieved. So far only a single cell has been demonstrated experimentally (no logic gates have been demonstrated). Calculations suggest that silicon QDs of less than 2 nm size are required to produce cells that may operate at room temperature. There is some belief that molecular self-assembled QD systems may be the ideal system to produce QCAs, but additional work is required. The QCA is an interesting concept (being an interconnectless architecture) but substantial problems exist. Calculations have shown that QCAs may
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which proves that the direction of A t L M is a descent direction. The description of the Levenberg-Marquardt procedure in Section 6.13.1 shows that the computational effort involved is substantial. An iteration may require the solving of (6.155) for several values of A. In addition, this system of equations does not have a form making it suitable for treatment as a standard linear least squares problem in every step as opposed to the system of equations to be solved for the Gauss-Newton step or for the generalized Gauss-Newton step for which efficient specialized methods exist. These considerations show that the Levenberg-Marquardt step will always decrease the least squares criterion to some extent as a consequence of its descent direction. Also, it can cope with (near-)singularity of the matrix X T R X without interference of the experimenter. The method may, therefore, be characterized as reliable, in the sense of usually converging, but the computational effort in each step is greater than that in the Gauss-Newton step. Therefore, the Levenberg-Marquardt step is preferable to the Gauss-Newton step only if (near-)singularity of the matrix X T R X is to be expected.
Part II Files, Data Storage, and Operating System Services
Enter a number into the Hyphen Limit option box to tell Photoshop how many consecutive lines can contain hyphens. Finally, specify how far from the edge of the bounding box Photoshop can place a hyphen by entering a value into the Hyphenation Zone box. Turn off the Hyphenate Capitalized Words check box if you want Photoshop to keep its mitts off words that start with an uppercase letter. Hope I didn t insult your intelligence on this one.
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