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The PoC client displays the name of the PoC participant to the PoC client sending a talk burst. The PoC server can also revoke the permission to talk by sending a stop talk burst indication to the PoC client. The possible reason can be, for example, there is only one user in the PoC session (hence no one is listening) or the talk burst is too long and has exceeded the maximum duration allowed. The stop talk burst indication includes a PoC session identi er and may include a reason code and a retry-after time value indicating how long the PoC client has to wait before a request to send a talk burst will be con rmed. This parameter is only present when permission to send a talk burst is revoked due to the talk burst being too long.
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For increasing physical activity in school, reviews of controlled interventions suggest that the most effective initiatives involve children throughout the school day, including lunch and recesses, as well as physical education lessons. Activities that appear interesting and innovative to children (such as dance clubs, selfdefence clubs and skills training) are particularly successful, as are interventions that aim to reduce television-viewing time (Robinson et al., 2003; Dietz and Gortmaker, 2001). These behaviours can be long-lasting: individuals who participated in physical activities at school are more likely to be active in adulthood than those who did not (Tammelin et al., 2003).
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Figure 1-1: From an authoring application, the document is printed to disk as a PostScript file. With the Distiller JobOptions settings, the PostScript file designed for prepress is repurposed for screen and Web displays.
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90o 0 -20dB co-pol cross-pol E-plane
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Figure 6-5: Using the built-in utility for configuring your Microsoft WLAN adapter.
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Figure 30-5: A Site Window, with two files checked out by this user and one checked out by a user named webdav1
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L=1.3 nH CMP141 CMP11 C + PORTNUM=2 R=50.0 OH TX=0.0 OH + C=1.2 pF C=0.55 pF PORT_SPAR
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