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Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point
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for schedule recovery, conscious attention to interconnections and information ows might be warranted. Finance. Usually there is not a very formal relationship between the scheduler and the nance department. However, there are a number of interesting interconnections that can be observed. First, it is possible that the nance department must be involved in the actual problem solving in a real-time process of decision making. For example, when penalties have to be paid when activities are carried out late (e.g., at a bulk transshipment company), the scheduler might discuss the problem with a nancial expert and evaluate what the cheapest (least expensive) solution is to the problem. These types of interconnections are reasonably visible and direct. Second, there are subtle interconnections that might not be obvious. For example, there might be less than optimal tools put in place for the organization driven for nance requirements that must be accepted in production control. Many ERP implementations are examples of this. As soon as an ERP system is being implemented at a plant, there often is a change in perspective between the planners and schedulers on the one hand and the nance department on the other hand. An ERP system covers both domains, but the ERP tool is not necessarily equally pro cient in these domains. Many ERP implementations are driven from the nancial perspective, leaving logistics with nonideal solutions (see also Markus and Tanis, 2000). Moreover, the nance department often demands in such an implementation that many cost centers are de ned so that the value of goods can be measured precisely. However, this means that orders are generated for every step between the cost centers, leading to a very fragmented planning and scheduling problem (Wiers, 2002). Third, there are interesting interconnections that relate to the plans and the execution of the plans. This interconnection with nance is seen in the plan tracking that may be performed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The physical production plan of what is intended to be produced is translated into nancial projections by the nance department, and this is then used for cash ow analysis and for pro t and loss analysis. The projections will likely include inventory, processing costs, resource ef ciency, indirect support, and personnel all implied by the plan. The planners and schedulers might be responsible for providing part of this planning and tracking information so that the nance department knows where the plant is and where it is going. Fourth, there is another connection point during the major planning processes that might occur in the factory. During planning activities at the plant level, plans and schedules might iterate between nance (and other departments) and the production control department as one part of the rm strengthens or relaxes various constraints for inventory levels, overtime, personnel hiring, and so forth. The plans might go back and forth several times, and up to seven planning iterations have been observed in one day. The actual planning activities consume much of the planners time (schedulers are not usually involved in such activities except in a focused factory situation). Each plan might take hours or even days to create, and the rm might do a major planning activity for each month, update quarterly plans, establish a
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One place where you might care to add a few personal touches is on one or more of the panels. On Fedora Core, most of the bottom menu is given over to the taskbar and the workspace switcher, but the top panel has a reasonably large space to which you can add launchers or applets. In addition, you can also change the size and behavior of the panel.
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Remember, these models are intended to better your understanding of the data and the ways in which different bits are related, so with that in mind, anything that increases understanding is bene cial. Don t be afraid to add notes that clarify confusing issues. Feel free to modify the basic modeling techniques described here. There s some bene t to sticking close to standard notations because it lets others who have studied the same notation understand what you are doing, but if adding a number in a box by each link or a colored triangle helps you and your team get a better handle on the design, do it. Just be sure to make a note of your additions and changes so everyone is on the same page.
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OrderItems OrderId SequenceNumber UPC Quantity
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Installing Expansion Cards
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Figure 10.10. Experimental dependencies of the re ection coef cient K of a phase-conjugate mirror based on nematic liquid crystal on pump intensity for the reciprocal (1) and nonreciprocal feedback loop (2).
8: Spring and JMS Message-Driven POJOs
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35 Exploring AutoLISP Further
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