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Credible pharmaceutical product expiration dates are obtained by rigorous, scienti cally designed studies using reliable, meaningful, and speci c stability-indicating assays, appropriate statistical concepts, and computers to analyze the resulting data [2]. A comprehensive review of all aspects of pharmaceutical product stability has been published by Lintner [3] and more recently by Connors et al. [4].
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FIGURE 3.3 Measured radiation patterns of the probe-fed shorted patch antenna shown in Figure 3.1. (a) f = 1739 MHz, (b) f = 2463 MHz.
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Unsolicited e-mail (also known as spam) probably ranks highest on most users lists of Internet annoyances. Although the best way to avoid spam is to be careful about exposing your e-mail address to the Internet at large, there may be times when your spam intake is simply overwhelming, and you need a way to keep these junk e-mail messages at bay. Anti-spam software can help to filter incoming e-mail messages so that the number of spam e-mail messages that reach your Inbox is greatly reduced. Some of the more popular anti-spam programs available for Windows XP include the following: SpamPal ( K9 ( Mailwasher Pro ( McAfee SpamKiller ( Spam Bully ( Spam Sleuth ( Spamihilator (
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Figure 16-7: On the Windows side, I select Web Graphics Defaults to set my working environment to sRGB. This forces Photoshop to make a conversion.
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Notice how our new partition is now displayed as C: (see Figure 17-10). This will become the main system C drive on the final PC.
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Figure 4-1 showed the Windows Advanced Option Menu that appears when you press the F8 key while waiting for Windows to start booting up. When you elect to start a Windows machine in Safe Mode, that setting greatly restricts the machine s capabilities. It also creates an ideal environment to look for and remove infections, while making it impossible to spread them any further because, among other things, booting in Safe Mode turns off network access (that s why you should be careful to pick the entry that says Safe Mode, not the similar-looking one that says Safe Mode with Networking ). Safe Mode also uses generic display drivers, so don t be too surprised if your desktop and the interfaces you work with look a little different from their usual appearance (screen resolutions will almost always be smaller, which will make everything look bigger as a result).
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probability plot of the drug shelf life in Table 2 is given in Figure 5. As seen from the plot, the observations follow a straight line and are contained in the 95% con dence interval. It can thus be said that the shelf life of this drug follows a normal distribution. Other Tools Box Plot This plot is useful when analyzing the pattern of the data. It displays several important features of data such as central tendency, variability, departure from symmetry, and presence of outliers. Flow Diagrams A process ow diagram can be used to study and understand the process. Data Collection Data are essential for making a proper evaluation of the current process. Tools for data collection include checklists and data sheets.
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To draw an ellipse, choose Ellipse from the Draw toolbar. In addition to the information that the command explicitly requests in the prompts, you need to know the angle of the first axis that you define. Not all ellipses are horizontal or vertical. You control the orientation when you stipulate the second point of the first axis. The second axis is automatically perpendicular to the first axis. To draw an elliptical arc, choose Ellipse Arc from the Draw toolbar (in AutoCAD) or use the Arc option of the ELLIPSE command. When you draw an elliptical arc, the command introduces a helpful but sometimes confusing feature: while you re defining the arc angles, the command redefines 0 degrees along the major axis. This helps you to define the included angle in an orientation that relates to the ellipse, rather than the usual orientation where 0 degrees is to the right. In this exercise, you practice drawing ellipses and elliptical arcs.
Diethylaminoethyl (DEAE)
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