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Networking Nuts and Bolts
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The sensitivity of a radial shear interferometer relative to that of a Twyman Green interferometer is given by nrn 1 1 Rn anl cos ly bnl sin ly d OPD r; y =dr n 0 l 0 s k n P P n 1 dW r; y =dr nr anl cos ly bnl sin ly
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Part V Adding Multimedia, Movement, and Interactivity
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Table 8.28 lists the results.
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4. In the CSS Selector Inspector, choose your desired formatting from the appropriate tabs.
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integration of HIS, RIS, and PACS (Figure 13.10).This integration pro le extends the scheduled work ow pro le by providing the means to match images acquired for an unidenti ed patient (e.g., during a trauma case where the patient ID is not known) with the patient s registration and order history. In the example of the trauma case, this allows subsequent reconciliation of the patient record with images acquired (either without a prior registration or under a generic registration) before the patient s identity could be determined. Enabling this after-the-fact matching greatly simpli es these exception-handling situations. Information systems involved in this integration pro le are as follows:
CrossReference You can also access and link to outside databases from within AutoCAD. See 20 for more information on external databases.
8 Viewing your Drawing
Other distutils Features
Note that you must reference (via the /r: option), the previously generated Web service stub DLL. This compilation produces the Client.exe executable. This is the .NET Web service consumer for our PIX affiliate management Web service. Run this Web service consumer at the console with the following command:
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