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excited. These two modes are seen to be excited at frequencies in the vicinity of the fundamental resonant frequency (about 1.9 GHz) of the unloaded patch. For the impedance bandwidth de ned by 10-dB return loss, the case c = 40 provides an impedance bandwidth of 100 MHz, or about 5.2%, which is about 2.7 times that (36 MHz, or about 1.9%) of the corresponding unloaded circular microstrip antenna with a probe feed. Figure 7.55 shows the measured radiation patterns at resonance of the two resonant modes in the impedance bandwidth. Similar radiation characteristics have been observed for the two resonant modes, and cross-polarized radiation is seen below 20 dB. Figure 7.56 shows the measured antenna gain in the broadside direction. The antenna-gain variation in the impedance bandwidth is within 3 dBi, and a lower antenna gain is observed near the center frequency or at frequencies between the two resonant modes. It is expected that, by exciting the two resonant modes at frequencies closer to each other, the antenna gain near the center frequency can be enhanced, and the antenna-gain variation within the impedance bandwidth can be further reduced. 7.5.3 Design with a Bow-Tie Patch Figure 7.57 shows the geometry of a probe-fed bow-tie microstrip antenna with an inserted integrated reactive loading for bandwidth enhancement [28]. The dimensions of the bow-tie patch with integrated reactive loading are given in the gure. The bow-tie patch has a are angle and a width 24.9 mm, and the length between its two radiating edges is xed to be 37.3 mm. To integrate the cascaded microstrip-line sections to provide reactive loading, a rectangular notch of dimensions
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What does this mean If you have a TV that only accepts signals using a standard antenna/coaxial connection, you won t be able to use your TV as-is. You need to purchase an adapter from a source such as Radio Shack that converts an S-Video or composite video signal into an RF signal as used by the antenna connection on your TV.
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If you find yourself unable to get a functioning Web page or e-mail connection, check the PPPoE status screen to see if your modem is connected. If not, press the Connect button to connect it manually.
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management to integrate various hospital information systems and a bottom-up engineering approach to build its foundation (i.e., PACS infrastructure). From the management point of view, a hospital-wide or enterprise PACS is attractive to administrators because it provides economic justi cation for implementing the system. Proponents of PACS are convinced that its ultimately favorable cost bene t ratio should not be evaluated as the balance of the resource of the radiology department alone but should extend to the entire hospital or enterprise operation. As this concept has gained momentum, many hospitals, and some enterprise level healthcare entities around the world have been implementing large- scale PACS and have provided solid evidence that PACS does improve the ef ciency of healthcare delivery and at the same time saves hospital operational costs. From the engineering point of view, the PACS infrastructure is the basic way to introduce such critical features as standardization, open architecture, expandability for future growth, connectivity, reliability, fault-tolerance, work ow ef ciency, and cost effectiveness. This design approach can be modular with an infrastructure as described in the next section. 1.3.2 PACS Infrastructure Design
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Because it s easy to forget the current thickness, unless you re drawing a number of objects with the same thickness, it s usually safer to draw objects with no thickness and then change the thickness. If you do change the current thickness, don t forget to change it back to zero when you re finished creating the 3D objects.
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Figure 27.5 Two major components in the location tracking and facial veri cation system (LTVS). Left: Wireless tracking; right: facial biometrics veri cation, the patient information window for managing the gallery is shown (Section 27.4.3).
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f you ve ever set up a wireless network, you know that there is a great mismatch between what a manufacturer claims the range of its router or access point is, and the ability to connect to that device from different points in a home or office. The range you can achieve is greatly affected by the environment. Your 802.11 devices may claim anywhere from 150 to 300 feet of range, but where you place your access points, residential gateways, and the computers you want to connect can have a major impact on the quality of your network. Walls, ceilings, sources of RF noise like microwave ovens, 2.4 GHz wireless phones, other wireless networks, and other interferences lower throughput and diminish the range of your WLAN. Consider these two facts. Every wall between your client and its network access device diminishes the range of the connection by about 100 feet (this varies according to construction details). Furthermore, if you connect up to a wireless device through a 1-foot wall at a 0-degree angle, the wall behaves like it is a 1-foot wall. But if you try to connect to an access point in your basement using a computer in your bedroom, and there is an 85-degree angle, that wall will appear to your computer to be 11.47 feet thick (cos = 1/x). If there are multiple WLANs in the same space using the same channels, then wherever they overlap there is interference and signal loss. All is not hopeless, however. Regardless of your situation there are techniques you can apply to improve your wireless coverage. You can compensate for loss of range by adding more access points, by using repeaters, by altering the channels of different WLANs so that they don t overlap, and by better placement of the devices you have. This chapter examines these factors with a special view on the impact of physical interference to see how to minimize problems and get the best return on your technology dollar.
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I n most businesses there is a delicate balance between delivering a competitive business value proposition and maximising profits. E-businesses are certainly n o different, although because of the pace and scope of change in the online world it is more important than ever to understand and monitor the key financial indicators and issues affecting profitability. It is perhaps an irony that the source of change and inherent instability, the online environment, also holds the key to the business s salxTation: the facility rapidly and routinely to assemble and analyse critical business information and data. These are often described in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to customers, markets, prices, competitors, products, key trends and costs. Effective monitoring requires the following:
Summary risk profile: Agreed priority Likelihood High (A or B) Medium (C) Low (D or E) Summary of Extreme or High risks: High (A or B) Impact Medium (C) Low (D or E) The number of risks in each inherent risk rating Extreme High Medium Low
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