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Figure 4-31: Using the From feature to complete the steam boiler. 6. At the <Offset>: prompt, type @ 1,0.5 . 7. You are now ready to continue the line at the Specify next point or [Undo]: prompt. Press F3 to turn off OSNAP. Move the cursor in the 90-degree direction and type 2 . 8. Move the mouse in the 180-degree direction and type 1 . 9. Move the mouse in the 270-degree direction and type 2 . 10. Right-click and choose Close from the shortcut menu to close the rectangle and end the LINE command. 11. Save your drawing. It should look like Figure 4-32.
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Figure 17.8 Combining fault tree and event tree analyses
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11 Adding Navigational Links to Your Page
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portmap.i386 4.0-65 base Matched from: portmapper The portmapper program is a security tool which prevents theft of NIS (YP), NFS and other sensitive information via the portmapper. A portmapper manages RPC connections, which are used by protocols like NFS and NIS. The portmap package should be installed on any machine which acts as a server for protocols using RPC.
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Part III Selections, Masks, and Filters
= 4.4, h = 1.6 mm, L = 25.5 mm, and W = 33.2 mm.
<request> <parameters> <ParamName1>value1</ParamName1> <ParamName2>value2</ParamName2> </parameters> <session> <SessionVarName1>value1</SessionVarName1> <SessionVarName2>value2</SessionVarName2> </session> <cookies> <cookieName1>value1</cookieName1> <cookieName2>value2</cookeName2> </cookies> </request>
This method replaces the tab characters in a string with tabsize spaces, and returns the result. The parameter tabsize is optional, defaulting to eight. This method is equivalent to replace( \t , *tabsize).
Source: From ref. 40.
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20 Working with External Databases
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