You can select the text of the bad link and correct it while in Outline mode. However, as with correcting a URL in the Inspector, this correction only fixes the one occurrence of the URL. If the URL is listed in the External tab of the Site Window, that listing won t be updated. It s far better to make the correction in the Site Window so all current and future occurrences of the URL are repaired and correct. If you correct it in Outline mode or in the Inspector, and then later click the Update button to do an update, the corrected URL is added to the Site Window. This leaves you with two URL files for the same location, and one is incorrect,
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Angle Type Name Decimal Degrees Deg/Min/Sec Grads (gradians) Radians Surveyor Sample Measurement 32.5 32 30'0" 36.1111g 0.5672r N 57d30' E Description Degrees, partial degrees in decimals Degrees, minutes, and seconds Gradians Radians Surveyor (directional) units
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3: Using Commands. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
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(a) Detail of protein DNA interactions (b) Schematic diagram of interactions
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Opening and Closing Files .net 3 5
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a web browsing session can be a ected by the ow control mechanism that the BSC performs toward the SGSN in the case of a GPRS bearer. The performance results illustrated in Figure 10.30 were attained by ne-tuning the ow control parameters in the BSC and downloading a test webpage ten times for every parameter con guration, so every bar in the chart corresponds to an average of ten downloads. The test was executed on a test BSC with no load at di erent interfaces in the network. The results show how ne-tuning the ow control algorithm may generate variations in end-user perception. Indeed, the throughput indicated is the application layer bit rate. Here, as in other cases, there is not a common rule on how to achieve best possible performance. Optimal values (of ow control in this case, but may be of any other parameter) depend on many factors: from the application that is running to the related QoS pro le down to protocol layer settings. Most probably, di erent parameter settings are needed to optimise the ow control behaviour for applications that run over UDP instead of TCP. That is why the best network setting usually comes from a trade-o between di erent services, or by choices driven by network providers.
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1. R. A. Fisher (ed.), Optical Phase Conjugation, Academic Press, New York (1983). 2. A. Tomita, Phase conjugation using phase conjugation of a Nd:YAG laser, Appl. Phys. Lett. 34, 463 (1979). 3. J. Reintjes and L. J. Palumbo, Phase conjugation in saturable ampli ers by degenerate four wave mixing, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 18, 1934 (1982). 4. R. A. Fisher and B. J. Feldman, On-resonant phase-conjugation re ection and ampli cation at 10.6 mm in inverted CO2, Opt. Lett. 4, 140 (1979). 5. P. Soan, A. D. Case, M. J. Damzen, and M. H. R. Hutchinson, High re ectivity four-wave mixing by saturable gain in Rhodamine 6G dye, Opt. Lett. 17, 781 (1992). 6. G. J. Crofts, R. P. M. Green, and M. J. Damzen, Investigation of multipass geometries for ef cient four-wave mixing in Nd:YAG, Opt. Lett. 17, 920 (1992).
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Meystel, A. (1985). Baby-robot: On the analysis of cognitive controllers for robotics. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Man & Cybernetics, Tuscon, AZ, November 11 15, 1985, pp. 327 222. [11] Meystel, A. (1987). Theoretical foundations of planning and navigation for autonomous robots. International Journal of Intelligent Systems 2, 73 128. [11, 18] Meystel, A. (1995a). Architectures, representations and algorithms for intelligent control of robots. In M. Gupta and N. Singha (eds.), Intelligent Control Systems, 27, pp. 732 788. NJ: IEEE Press. [11, 18] Meystel, A. (1995b). Multiresolutional architectures for autonomous systems with incomplete and inadequate knowledge representation. In S. G. Tzafestas and H. B. Verbruggen (eds.), Arti cial Intelligence in Industrial Decision Making, Control, and Automation, pp. 159 223. New York: Kluwer Academic Press. [11] Meystel, A. (1995c). Semiotic Modeling and Situation Analysis: An Introduction. Drexel University: Publication AdRem. [5,11] Meystel, A. (1996). Intelligent systems: A semiotic perspective, International Journal of Intelligent Control and Systems, 1(1), 31 58. [11] Meystel, A. (1997). Learning algorithms generating multigranular hierarchies. In B. Mirkin, F. R. McMorris, F. S. Roberts, and A. Rzhetsky (eds.), Mathematical Hierarchies and Biology, DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 37, American Mathematical Society, pp. 357 384. [11] Meystel, A. (1998). Multiresolutional autonomy. Proceedings of the Joint Conference on the Science and Technology of Intelligent Systems ISIC/CIRA/ISAS/ 98, pp. 516 519. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE. [5] Meystel, A. (2000). Evolution of intelligent systems architectures: What should be measured In A. Meystel and E. Messina (eds.), Measuring the Performance and Intelligence of Systems, Proceedings of the PERMIS 2000, August 14 16, 2000, Gaithersburg, pp. 361 382. [11] Meystel, A. M., and Albus, J. S. (2001). Intelligent Systems. Architecture, Design, and Control. New York: John Wiley & Sons. [1,11,18] Meystel, A., and Mironov, A. (1998). Quasi-commutative diagrams of multiresolutional systems for representation and control. Proceedings of the Joint Conference on the Science and Technology of Intelligent Systems ISIC/CIRA/ISAS/ 98, pp. 72 77. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE. [5] Michon, J. A. (1990). Implicit and explicit representations of time. In R. A. Block (ed.), Cognitive Models of Psychological Time, pp. 37 58. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. [3] Mietus, D. M. (1994). Understanding Planning for Effective Decision Support. Groningen: Ph.D. thesis, University of Groningen. [4, 7, 13, 17, 18] Miller, G. A., Galanter, E., and Pribram, K. J. (1960). Plans and the Structure of Behavior. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. [2, 4] Milner, A. D., and Goodale, M. A. (1995). The Visual Brain in Action. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [2] Mintzberg. H. (1994). The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. [4] Mischel, H. N., and Mischel, W. (1983). The development of children s knowledge of self-control strategies. Child Development, 54, 603 619. [2]
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(b) Get neighboring partition objects dim encoder
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0 1023 Well-known ports, or service ports, are associated with public, wellknown IP-based services. 1,024 49,151 Registered port numbers may sometimes be associated with specific, registered applications or used for other purposes. 49,152 65,535 Dynamic port numbers are always used for temporary, transient service connections.
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You re probably wondering what this has to do with abstract classes. Well, imagine another programmer comes along and creates a new child class, Rectangle, based on your Shape class:
Real Life Uses of Text Macros
(entget (ssname mysset 0))
5.4.4 Single Strand Conformation Polymorphism Analysis of DNA If double stranded DNA is rst denatured into single stranded molecules and then placed in nondenaturing conditions, DNA molecules can adopt speci c conformations as a result of sequence-speci c intramolecular hydrogen bonding. Single stranded molecules of similar mass may show slight differences in their electrophoretic mobility as a
// Owner can read and write the file; everyone else can just read it: chmod( myfile.txt , 0644 ); // Everyone can read and write the file: chmod( myfile.txt , 0666 ); // Everyone can read and execute the file, but only the owner can write to it: chmod( myfile.txt , 0755 ); // Only the owner can access the file, and they can only read and write to it: chmod( myfile.txt , 0600 );
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Creating a new solid using INTERFERE
Patient is anonymized
Lebiere, 1998). An intelligent architecture solves problems, by planning various steps that have to be executed in so-called decision cycles. The discussion of how planning differs from problem solving and also from decision making is until now not settled. Even a look at lemmas for these concepts in the Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science does not solve the conceptual problems. In that encyclopedia, planning is the process of generating (possibly partial) representations of future behavior prior to the use of such plans to constrain or control that behavior (Wilson and Keil, 1999, p. 652). Except for the action aspect, this generally ts the de nition of planning we gave in 1, namely, planning is the attunement or assignment of multiple object types taking into account constraints and goal functions. Many have argued that if setting a course of actions equals planning, then decision making and problem solving consist of many very small planning activities. For example, if I want to strike a key on the keyboard, I have to plan that action mentally, although it takes between 200 and 500 milliseconds. In this chapter we do not mean planning in this sense. The time horizon in the planning area we are studying is between 5 and 30 seconds. Issues concerning tasks executed within hundreds of milliseconds are discussed in 2. In the Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science a problem is de ned as transforming a given situation into a desired situation or goal (Wilson and Keil, 1999, p. 674). Problem solving is the recognition of a discrepancy between an existing and desired situation for which no automated series of actions exist to resolve that discrepancy. Otherwise, it is an algorithm. Problem solving requires setting up a problem space, using legitimated operations (may be combined in a method) and search. Problem solving in a cognitive sense always requires representations. And if we conclude with the de nition of decision making in the encyclopedia, we nd that decision making is the process of choosing a preferred option or course of action from among a set of alternatives (Wilson and Keil, 1999, p. 221). Critical aspects in calling an activity decision making are as follows: discrepancy between existing and desired situation, having the motivation and the means to act, putting an irreversible investment in a course of actions, and completely or partly uncertain outcome of the decision (Vlek and Wagenaar, 1976). We leave out of the discussion the notion of decision cycles, such as formulated by Newell in SOAR (1990). A decision cycle there is a very small step to ful ll an action. Striking a key on a keyboard involves a decision cycle of an actor, but has nothing to do with deliberate decision making. In this sense of the notion of decision cycle, planning and problem solving consist of many decision cycles. Because we believe that it is not possible to give de nitions of planning, problem solving, and decision making that clearly separate one from the other, we suggest that we look at the three activities in a different way. In the following we describe various aspects that may be applied for problem solving, decision making, and planning. For planning we make a distinction in planning for oneself and planning for others. We rst describe aspects that can be used for differentiation:
PyDict_SetItemString(d, error , Cache_Error);
FIGURE D.22 Hydrogenic atomic orbitals.
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